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According to national statistics, over 13,000 cases of road rage are reported every year, which does not even include the number of cases that go undocumented. Have you been involved in a car accident which was the result of an overly aggressive and reckless driver? If so, seeking the professional advice of a DC car accident lawyer is imperative. If someone else’s negligence and wanton disregard for your safety left you seriously hurt, exploring your legal rights is imperative.

Defining Road Rage

The term “road rage” encompasses many traits. It is no longer restricted to a driver yelling and gesticulating from one car to the next. Often, the most trivial matter can escalate into something much more, resulting in harm. Nowadays, road rage can mean aggressive tailgating, excessive/erratic speed, weaving recklessly through traffic, improper passing, and reckless lane changing. All of these very disturbing incidents occur all too often on our roads and can lead to catastrophic injuries.

Stressors in someone’s life coupled with the frustration of traffic, whether it be dreaded traffic congestion or just a trivial situation on the road, can trigger agitated behaviors in drivers that lead to road rage. Threatening verbal abuse and hand gestures can evolve into deadly physical altercations between bodies and vehicles.

Awareness and Prevention

So, how do drivers identify signs of aggressive driving, both in themselves and in other drivers? Eighty percent of drivers understand how serious road rage can be, therefore. Once drivers know the triggers and the potential harm that can ensue, the more likely drivers will feel more accountable for their actions and make efforts to prevent them.

Avoiding a Confrontation

Some drivers just cannot tolerate the driving habits of others and take it personally when someone does not drive as they would, road rage may be inescapable.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of this behavior, there are some tips on how you can protect yourself from the situation becoming more serious. Consider the following:

  •        Attempt to safely and quickly get out of the way of an aggressive driver.
  •        Ignore obscene gestures and do not retaliate.
  •        Avoid making eye contact.
  •        Avoid honking your horn as this alone can set drivers off into a rage.
  •        Keep car doors locked and windows up.
  •        Report aggressive drivers to the police and if an angry motorist pursues you, drive straight to a police station or somewhere where you can get help, never to your home.

It’s best not to engage with the aggressor, a situation rarely ends well when you do.

Legal Help

Not only is there a significant psychological impact associated with the intentional and malicious behavior of an aggressive driver in a road rage incident, but the injuries can be devastating and fatal.

From punches and kicks, broken bones and stabbings, to gunshot wounds and death, innocent victims and their families can be left reeling with hurt and grief. This is when you need the expertise of a car accident lawyer DC clients recommend. The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. can provide professional and compassionate legal advice and get you the financial compensation you deserve.