When you’re injured in a vehicular collision, you should consult a car accident lawyer Washington DC trusts as soon as possible. Negligence or wrongdoing may have been a factor in the collision, which means you might be able to collect monetary compensation.

The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., understands the tremendous repercussions of car accidents. Apart from the physical pain, medical bills and lost income may also have a tireless impact on your life. As a Washington DC car accident lawyer, we are passionately driven to fight for our clients’ rights. Equipped with years of legal experience, we remain attentive and focused on each case while seeking maximum damages.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Washington DC Answers Your Commonly Asked Questions

Each claim is inherently unique. The preeminent factors that caused a crash may depend on various circumstances, which can be assessed by a car accident lawyer Washington DC offers. During a free consultation, The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., may talk to you about your individual case and advise you on your legal options. To gain a basic understanding of car accident claims and their relevant laws, please consider the following common questions and answers:

When is the right time to contact a car accident lawyer Washington DC drivers count on?

Seeking medical care should be a priority. Once you have done so, you may want to consider consulting with a lawyer, especially if negligence or wrongdoing was a factor in your crash. Due to a statute of limitations, which may limit how much time you have to file a claim, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the more time you may have to prepare a strong case.

Will my case settle out of court or go to trial?

Without speaking to you in further detail, it is impossible to know whether or not your case will be settled out of court. Generally, a car accident lawyer Washington DC can provide may aim to communicate with the insurance carriers involved, or with their lawyers, to negotiate and settle. If your case does go to trial, a lawyer from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., may diligently fight for your rights.

What compensation is available for a car accident?

Before determining how much compensation you might receive, your lawyer may analyze the extent of your injuries, the overall damages you suffered, and the underlying cause of the collision.  Using this information, a lawyer could determine a fair figure to amount to your total losses. Some examples of potential compensation include:

  • Past, current, and future medical expenditures
  • Loss of income due to the inability to work
  • Emotional anguish and mental trauma
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death


I’ve been contacted by the insurance carrier. Should I speak to them?

It’s often recommended to politely decline some communication requests from an insurance carrier or other party’s lawyer. You may be asked an assortment of questions about the incident and be offered an unfair settlement based upon this conversation. Before signing or agreeing to anything, you should contact a car accident lawyer Washington DC trusts.

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