Quality Legal Services For Families Of Minors Accused Of Underage Drinking

Nothing good can come of teen drinking and driving. Underage drinking combined with unsteady operation of a motor vehicle can change lives with serious accidents and injuries, and end them with fatal drunk driving crashes. 

If your young son or daughter has been arrested for underage drinking, DUI or any other juvenile crime in the District of Columbia, Virginia or Maryland, the attorneys who work hard to protect individual rights and families’ futures are at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., in Washington, D.C.

Our law firm believes in second chances. We work hard to prevent a first brush with the law from becoming part of an adolescent’s permanent record. In the event of a conviction, we negotiate with prosecutors for lesser, alternative punishments.

But we need your help — if you are the parent of a minor who has been arrested for underage drinking, you should speak with one of our concerned defense attorneys in a confidential initial consultation.

Is Your Minor Child In Trouble With The Law For Underage Drinking?

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