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When Someone is Accused of Sexual Assault

Accusations of sexual assault are no joking matter, as such claims can turn a person’s life upside down within a second. Sadly, untrue allegations surrounding sexual assault happen all too often. It is possible for an innocent person to be wrongly accused of sexual assault, and now may have to face the associated consequences for such a charge. Once a person receives notification of the sexual assault allegation, he or she should meet with a top sex crimes attorney DC residents trust from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., immediately.

In the article here, we will discuss in further detail about allegations of sexual assault, including potential consequences, factors during trial, and defense strategies.

What happens next after the accusation is made?

The next step after an allegation of sexual assault is a thorough investigation of what happened. Right after being notified of the charge, the accused should begin gathering evidence in support of his or her innocence. It is highly recommended that a top sex crimes attorney DC has to offer is hired in order to help the accused go through the legal process. A sex crimes attorney that is familiar with sexual assault allegations can offer guidance, advice, strategy, and representation throughout the way.

What are the consequences for a sexual assault charge?

Sexual assault is typically considered a felony, and the majority of convictions result in a long-term jail or prison sentence, registration as a sex offender, and the need to battle social stigmas. More examples of consequences for a sexual assault charge are listed as follows:

-Potential restrictions on where you live, including having to be a certain distance away from neighborhoods or schools

-Paying thousands of dollars in fines

-Possibly having to inform neighbors about your status as a sex offender

-You may no longer have the right to bear arms

-Suffering a poor quality of life due to feeling isolated from society

-Paying compensation to the supposed victim for medical costs

If you are at all concerned about the aforementioned penalties, a top sex crimes attorney DC recommends having on your side can review your case and help you to understand potential defenses that could mitigate or reduce the outcome of your case.

What factors are taken into consideration during the trial?

A judge may consider a variety of factors during the trial, including whether the accused has a criminal history, if he or she admits a level of responsibility in what happened, the severity of the alleged crime, and more.

What are some defense strategies my attorney may utilize?

After  The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., consults with you about the sexual assault allegation, your attorney may want to help you pick a defense strategy. The defense tactic you use against the sexual assault claim can have a huge influence on the ultimate verdict. You and your top sex crimes attorney in Washington, DC, may decide it is best to plead innocence, consent, or mental incapacity. These three legal defenses are briefly defined below:

  1. Innocence = to argue that there was no way the accused could have actually committed the assault, by presenting an alibi (the accused shows evidence that he or she was somewhere else when the crime happened).
  2. Consent = to admit that the sexual act did happen, but that the supposed victim actually consented to the behavior.
  3. Mental incapacity = to claim the accused was suffering from a mental illness when the crime occurred, and that liability for his or her actions should be eliminated.

Time is Of the Essence! Do Not Wait to Consult a Sex Crimes Attorney from  The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.

Regardless of your innocence or guilt, or the applicable factors of your case, if you’re facing sex crimes charges, you should call a top sex crimes attorney DC community members turn to for fast and confidential advice.