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How can I increase my chances of a successful truck accident injury claim?


It’s important to file an injury claim after a truck accident caused by someone other than yourself. Working with a truck accident lawyer in MD, such as one from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., can increase the likelihood that your claim will be accepted and you will receive compensation for your accident damages. This is critical because a serious injury will require expensive medical care. If you were to receive a fair settlement, then you can pay your bills while you recover from your injury. Our truck accident lawyer in MD can help you reach this goal, and there are things you can do to strengthen your claim. We encourage you to call us to request a free consultation to learn more. Below are some suggestions that may help your claim get approved and receive the maximum amount of compensation possible with assistance from your truck accident lawyer in MD.


Preserve the Evidence from Your Accident


If your accident was caused by a commercial trucking company driver, your truck accident lawyer in MD will send a letter to that company notifying them that they must preserve any evidence related to the crash. If they do not comply, it could be detrimental to your case. If you have photos taken immediately after the accident which show the trucker’s vehicle, offer them to your lawyer. The images may show valuable evidence that the trucking company may try to hide.


In addition, preserve the evidence that is in your possession. This includes your own vehicle. Do not take it in for repairs until the damage is fully documented. Your truck accident lawyer in MD from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. may decide to consult a forensic accident scene investigator. The investigator may be able to help ascertain liability after a thorough examination of the damage to your vehicle.


Do Not Discuss Your Case


After a traumatic experience such as a vehicle accident that resulted in a serious injury, it’s common for victims to post pictures and commentary about it on their social media accounts. This is a bad idea. Any information you provide in this way becomes a matter of public record. The insurance company for the at-fault party can use that information against you to deny your claim or in court if you pursue a lawsuit. It’s best to suspend or close your social media accounts until after your case is resolved and your truck accident lawyer gives you the green light to get back on social media. Your truck accident lawyer in MD can provide you with additional insight specific to the circumstances of your case.


Contact Us for a Free Consultation with Our Truck Accident Lawyer in MD


Before you agree to any settlement offered by the trucking company’s insurance agency, talk to us. Very likely, we can get you a higher settlement by presenting a strong case that proves you were not at fault. We are also highly skilled at negotiating for maximum compensation on behalf of our clients. Call us today to arrange a free consultation with our truck accident lawyer in MD to learn how we may be able to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.


As a truck accident lawyer MD trusts may explain, injuries sustained from truck accidents are often catastrophic ones. For victims who survive the crash, the injuries they suffer can cause devastating and permanent disabilities. In a matter of seconds, their whole life has changed. The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. has successfully represented many truck accident victims and their families obtain the financial compensation they deserved for their injuries and may be able to help you.

A truck accident lawyer MD clients rely on understands that truck accident cases can be more complex than other motor vehicle accident claims because there is often more than one party who may be liable for damages. Each MD truck accident lawyer at our firm is skilled at negotiating with multiple parties and has a reputation for aggressively advocating for clients.

Truck Accident Cases

Filing an injury claim for a commercial truck accident can be a much more complicated process than a car accident claim. For this reason, it may be wise to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer MD residents call for legal counsel. If you are involved in a car crash with another car, there is only you and your insurance company, and the other driver and their insurance company.

Truck accident claims often involve multiple insurance companies due to who is deemed liable for the accident. Many truck accident claims involve any combination of the truck driver, the trucking company, the company who loaded the truck, or truck parts manufacturer. Each of these entities has their own insurance companies and it could become overwhelming for a truck accident victim to track these insurance companies down on their own.

A skilled MD truck accident lawyer knows exactly how to find out this information and may aggressively pursue every party that holds liability for their client’s injuries.

Causes of Truck Accidents

One of the major causes of truck accidents in this country is truck driver fatigue. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road, and despite federal rules and regulations, many of them feel pressured by almost impossible delivery schedules to ignore these rules and the results are often tragic.

Other causes of truck accidents include:

  • Improperly loaded or overloaded trucks
  • Failure to inspect or maintain the truck
  • Inexperience or lack of training of truck drivers
  • Truck driver speeding
  • Truck drivers operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Truck drivers operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Let a Truck Accident Lawyer MD Relies on Fight for You

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you may need legal help that only a skilled truck accident lawyer MD offers can provide. The truck accident lawyers at Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. have more than 75 years of combined experience fighting for injured victims against trucking companies and their insurance companies who try to compensate victims with far less than they deserve, or try to deny the claim and their liability completely.

Contact a dedicated truck accident lawyer MD clients trust to set up your free case evaluation.