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If you face a DUI charge, contact the drunk driving accident lawyer Washington, DC residents trust with their cases. Whether you had a little too much to drink or really overdid it, our drunk driving accident attorney is ready to represent you. Many times, people do not realize that they have had too much to drink until it is too late, and courts treat all cases of DUI very seriously. This means that one offense could equal jail time, a hefty fine, and suspension of your license. With penalties that harsh, it’s important to have an advocate on your side. Contact the drunk driving accident attorney Washington, DC residents trust again and again.

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Car Accident Lawyer Washington DC

Being involved in a car accident while under the influence can be even worse than a DUI charge alone. In these cases, not only do you face a DUI and all its penalties, but you also are held responsible for the accident. In cases like this, it is critical to call upon the car accident lawyer Washington, DC residents go to again and again. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of the system. DUI penalties can be absolutely devastating and life-altering. We understand that you likely just made a mistake and did not realize that you are driving impaired. We will work earnestly to show that you are a worthy individual who does not deserve to face hefty penalties. Remember, if you’ve been charged with a DUI after an accident, contact the truck accident lawyer Washington, DC citizens choose as an ally. Or, if your incident involved a motorcycle, be sure to call upon an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington, DC.

DUI / DWI Attorney DC

An experienced DUI attorney is invaluable, especially when presenting your case before the court. Also, as attorneys we will work diligently to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed whenever feasible. Imagine how jail time, suspension of your license, and substantial fines will change your life. We know that you rely on your ability to drive to get to and from work, and to care for your family. That’s why a drunk driving accident attorney Washington, DC residents trust is so important. Don’t take chances with your case. An inexpensive attorney may save you a bit of money in legal fees, but you may end up paying much more in fines and time away from work. We’ll work tirelessly to defend your case so that you can resume your normal life.

What To Do If an Officer Committed an Error During Your DUI Arrest

While officers have the duty to enforce laws in the community, this does not mean they are perfect and incapable of errors. Sometimes, an officer makes a huge mistake when arresting a person for a suspected DUI. If you feel there was something not right about how you arrest was handled by the officer, we encourage you to reach out to a drunk driving accident lawyer Washington DC trusts at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. for help.

We have been in the business of protecting those accused of various crimes and have a combined 75 years of experience. We understand that law enforcement are not always free of flaws, and we will do our best to show exactly how an officer made a pivotal error.

Flawed Testing of Sample

After your arrest, you may have been required to perform a blood and/or urine test to determine the level of alcohol in your system. However, during this process there is plenty of room for error. Depending on when the sample was given, your blood alcohol content may have been higher some time after being pulled over versus at the time you were driving.

Additionally, your sample could easily get mixed up with someone else’s or was otherwise not handled properly which flawed the test. Blood samples must be collected and stored in a certain way, to prevent fermentation and contamination. A drunk driving accident lawyer Washington, DC can rely on can determine whether or not an error was made with your sample and represent your best interests.

Your Miranda Rights

While being placed into handcuffs, the accused must be read his or her Miranda rights. If an officer fails to do so, any incriminating statements or proof obtained after the arrest may have to be thrown out of the trial. If you do not remember the officer verbally informing you of your rights, please let a Washington, DC drunk driving accident lawyer at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. know right away. Just because you were arrested for a supposed crime, does not mean you lose your rights.

Reasonable Suspicion

An officer cannot just pull anyone over on the road because they have a bad feeling or inclination that a crime is being committed. An officer must have a reasonable suspicion that he or she can formulate into words, in order to lawfully halt and investigate a driver.

Pulling over a driver that was not speeding or swerving, and had been abiding by traffic laws, cannot be pulled over due to the officer’s hunch. An officer’s “gut feeling” is not considered true evidence, and likely won’t hold over well in court. A Washington, DC drunk driving accident lawyer at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. can analyze the proof that may be used against you in court, and develop defense strategies to help keep you from serving long-term and severe punishments for the DUI.

If you or someone you care about was recently arrested for a suspected DUI or DUI accident, do not wait to get legal representation. Please call us to book an appointment with a drunk driving accident lawyer in Washington, DC at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. immediately. The sooner you reach out, the quicker we can get started fighting for your behalf.

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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Washington D.C.

Finding the right drunk driving accident lawyer in Washington D.C. is imperative to making sure your case has the best outcome available. A drunk driving accident often can change your world and turn it upside down. No matter what, you need to know that you are going to be in good hands when it comes to a lawyer. 

If you are facing a DUI then we here at The Law Firm of Frederick J Brynn, P.C created a list of what you need to do when you are looking for a lawyer. Always make sure that you take the time and dedication to find the right lawyer for you. 

Learn About Your Lawyer 

No matter what, when you decide to find a lawyer, you have to get to know them. No matter what you have to figure out what is going to work for you and if they can handle your case. Here are some of the first questions that you should be asking your lawyer during your meeting: 

  • How long have you been practicing DUI law in Washington DC?
  • Do you specialize in DUI cases?  
  • If you don’t, how much of your current workload do DUI cases represent? 
  • Do you have any special training related to DUI cases? 
  • Do you handle both the trial and DMV hearings? 
  • What is your percentage of DUI cases that go to trial or end in a plea deal? 

These questions can help you decide if the lawyer that you have is right for you or not. Having the experience to handle your case is important. Knowing what you are likely headed towards, be that a trial or a plea deal, can help you prepare for the coming weeks. 

Ask About Outcome Types 

No lawyer should ever promise you a particular outcome. If you have been promised one, then you are going to need to find a new one. A good drunk driving accident lawyer in Washington D.C. should be able to give you a rough idea of what the possible outcomes of your case can be. Here are some things to ask your lawyer. 

  • Do you always recommend taking a plea deal? 
  • How will the DMV administrative hearing affect a plea deal or a trial? 
  • What sort of alternative chargers can be sought? 
  • Does any previous charge affect the expected outcome of the plea deal or trial? 

The more information you bring to your lawyer, the better it can be speculated about what is going to come from your case. These questions are important to ask as they bring in information that is needed. 

If you are in need of a drunk driving accident lawyer in Washington D.C then rest assured that you are in good hands here at The Law Firm of Frederick J Brynn, P.C. Our dedicated team has the experience to listen to your case and give you the information you deserve. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to see what we could do for you. 

Consequences You May Face with a DUI Conviction

The consequences of a DUI conviction can affect you long after you’ve served your sentence. Your life may be very different afterward. Here are several consequences you may face with a DUI conviction.

  • Driver’s license revocation. If you get convicted of a DUI, a judge may revoke your driver’s license for a while. Not being able to drive can make it extra difficult to get to work and other important places. If your position involves driving a vehicle, you may even lose your job. You may have to rely on public transportation or family members and friends to give you rides.
  • Higher car insurance rates. After a DUI conviction, you can also expect for your car insurance premiums to go up. Car insurance companies consider drivers with DUI convictions high risk and charge them higher rates to protect themselves.
  • Difficulty finding employment. A DUI conviction on your record can make it more difficult to find jobs in the future. Many employers conduct background checks on job applicants and may be reluctant to hire someone with a DUI conviction. It may be especially difficult to get hired for a position that involves driving a vehicle.
  • Trouble finding housing. Like employers, many landlords perform background checks on prospective tenants. Some landlords may not want to rent someone with a DUI conviction. Because of this, you may have a more difficult time finding a place to live.
  • Tarnished personal relationships. A DUI conviction can also change the way your family members and friends feel about you. They may be disappointed that you got behind the wheel drunk and spend less time around you.

Drunk Driving Accident Infographic

Several Consequences You May Face With A DUI Conviction Infographic

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Charged with a DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI, your actions afterward can have a big impact on your case. Here are some common mistakes to avoid after getting charged with a DUI.

  • Not hiring the right lawyer. Not just any lawyer can successfully defend a DUI case. It’s important to hire an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer in Washington D.C. with a successful track record of defending clients with DUI charges.
  • Talking to the police. The police may want to question you after arresting you for a DUI. Politely decline. What you say to the police can be used against you later on.
  • Assuming you have no defense. If you did have some alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel, you might assume that you have no choice but to plead guilty. However, you may still have good defense against the charge. A skilled lawyer can assess the details of your case and find the best way to defend you.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer DC

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer DC

As any drunk driving accident lawyer DC has to offer could tell you, getting arrested for a DUI is a big deal. If you receive a conviction for this crime, you may have to serve time in jail, pay hefty fines, and have trouble finding employment in the future. That’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer in DC. Your lawyer will protect you to the best of their ability and fight for you in court to keep your freedom. 

At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. There are several reasons why it’s important not to face DUI charges without a drunk driving accident lawyer DC motorists trust by your side. Here are a few notable benefits of hiring a DC drunk driving accident lawyer:

5 Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

  1. A Lawyer May Reduce Your Penalties

One of the main benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer is that he or she may protect you from unnecessarily harsh penalties. If it’s not possible to have your charges dropped, an experienced lawyer may be able to negotiate for lesser charges or lighter sentencing. This is one of the most valuable things a lawyer can do for you, and although it does cost money to hire one, it is worth it when you get to keep your freedom and potentially avoid even bigger fines. 

  1. A Lawyer Offers Protection from the Police

After you get charged with a DUI, the police will likely ask to speak to you to get more information about your case. It’s generally recommended that you don’t talk to the police without first speaking to your lawyer. If your lawyer is next to you during police questioning, he or she won’t let the police ask you illegal questions that could incriminate you.

  1. A Lawyer Has Knowledge of DUI Laws

A seasoned DUI lawyer has knowledge of current DUI laws, such as the requirements for breath tests and the legality of sobriety checkpoints. This help is very important for identifying possible holes in your case that could reduce or dismiss your charges. For example, your lawyer determines that the officer who arrested you didn’t have grounds to pull you over, this may be enough to drop the charges.

  1. A Lawyer Can Represent You in Court

Walking into a courtroom can be very nerve-wracking, especially if you have been charged with a DUI. While it’s possible to represent yourself in criminal proceedings, this is almost always a poor choice. A private drunk driving accident lawyer DC can provide should have the time and resources to create a strong defense for you.

  1. A Lawyer May Save You Time

Dealing with DUI charges is stressful, so you naturally want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. An experienced DUI lawyer who has handled many cases similar to yours in the past could know how to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Drunk Driving Accident Infographic

5 Benefits Of Hiring A DUI Lawyer Infographic

What Kind of Defense Might a Lawyer Use for a DUI? 

There are many different tactics a drunk driving accident lawyer may use when defending their client in court. First, the police report that was written up may have errors in it. If there are mistakes in the police report, who knows where other mistakes may have been made in your case. This would be a good argument that the case should be thrown out. Another thing your lawyer will look at is why the initial traffic stop even happened. If the officer who pulled the driver over did not have a legitimate reason for making the stop, your case may be thrown out as well. 

Breathalyzer tests are not always accurate. It is important to look into the ways your blood alcohol volume was calculated and whether or not they are reliable. Your drunk driving accident lawyer in Washington, D.C. will understand what a judge will feel like in court regarding your arguments and if they are valid. By hiring an experienced lawyer, you will be in good hands throughout the entire process and can rest easier knowing that someone is fighting hard for your freedom. 

What Will Happen if This Is Your First Offense?

Punishments for driving while intoxicated vary, especially depending on whether this is your first offense or you have done this before. If you have been charged with driving while drunk or intoxicated before, the punishment will likely be much harsher than if it is your first time. Of course, it will depend on just how impaired your driving is as well, but if it is your first offense you may get off a little easier. Your best bet is to contact a lawyer as soon as you are accused of drinking and driving so that you do not have to go about this alone. Your lawyer will speak to others on your behalf and make sure that police officers are fair and do not trick you into saying something that you shouldn’t. If this is not your first offense, it will be more difficult to prove your case and get let off with just a slap on the wrist. Still, you need to hire a lawyer so that your punishment can be lessened as much as possible. We can work with you to see what the details of your case look like and how we can help make things better for you. 

Contact a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer DC Residents Depend On

At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we understand how scary it is to face a DUI charge. We want you to know that you don’t have to go through it alone. To meet with a drunk driving accident lawyer DC trusts in difficult situations, please contact our firm today at 202-544-7200. Don’t hesitate — you need to reach out as soon as possible so that we can protect your freedom and help make sure you are doing all of the right things to make your case go as smoothly as possible. 

4 Questions about Infractions and Misdemeanors

Even the most responsible drivers get pulled over every now and then, but if you need the services of a DC drunk driving accident lawyer, chances are you were pulled over for something more serious than failing to yield.

Fortunately, with the help of the professionals at the Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., you can fight your DUI charges and save yourself a serious legal headache. Read on to learn more about infractions and misdemeanors, and get in touch with us today to fight back against your DUI.

What is an Infraction?

Infractions are low level. If you’re cited for an infraction, you were probably cited for something like speeding or running a stop sign. You could also have been illegally parked. Infractions are minor, and you can pay them off and get on with your day without setting foot inside a courtroom.

Infractions aren’t criminal offenses, and are usually dealt with by paying a fee and coping with the small-but-unsightly spot on your record. However, if you were cited for a DUI, you’re not looking at an infraction: You’re facing a misdemeanor.

What is a Misdemeanor?

If you’re dealing with a misdemeanor, you’re dealing with criminal charges. There are many different types of misdemeanors you can commit behind the wheel, and they can all land you in deep legal trouble. While misdemeanors are by no means as severe as felonies, they can still lead to serious jail time, hefty fees, and worse.

What are some Examples of Misdemeanors?

One of the most common misdemeanors is drunk driving. However, there are plenty of other actions you can take behind the wheel that can land you in misdemeanor territory. For example, if you’re driving over the speed limit, you’ll likely just catch a speeding ticket – and infraction. However, if you’re driving a significant amount over the speed limit, you could be looking at a reckless driving charge – a misdemeanor.

Other examples of misdemeanors include racing, or driving inappropriately for the weather or road conditions. The list goes on, and a DC drunk driving accident lawyer from the Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. can walk you through any additional charges you might be facing in your case.

How Can a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Help Me?

When you’re facing a misdemeanor, you don’t have to face it alone. Fortunately, legal professionals are willing and able to help you tackle your case and fight back against your charges. At the Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we know that you have a future worth protecting, and we know that you don’t deserve to have a mark on your record that could last the rest of your life.

If you’re facing a drunk driving charge, you’re facing a misdemeanor – and that means fines and jail time. Don’t take these charges without a fight: Get in touch with us today and see how a DC drunk driving accident lawyer can help.

Other Questions

Can I avoid a DUI conviction if I was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint?

Each sobriety checkpoint is dictated by various legal guidelines, a DC drunk driving accident lawyer can examine different ways to prepare a strong defense for their clients. Factors such as the checkpoint’s legality, compliance with proper procedures, the accuracy of breathalyzer tests, the reliability of field sobriety tests, officer misconduct, and evidence handling can significantly impact the outcome of your case. A skilled drunk driving lawyer can thoroughly investigate the specifics, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and determine if any constitutional rights were violated, procedural errors occurred, or the evidence can be challenged. They will scrutinize the checkpoint’s setup, ensuring it adhered to constitutional standards, such as providing advance notice, neutral and random selection of vehicles, and minimal intrusion on motorists’ privacy.

How can a DUI lawyer help reduce the penalties for my drunk driving offense?

Clients who meet with a DUI lawyer early have the advantage of having a professionals to thoroughly assess their circumstances of the case and explore the best legal strategies for building a defense. They may negotiate with the prosecution for a plea bargain, which could involve reducing charges, lowering fines, seeking alternative sentencing options like alcohol education programs or community service, or advocating for the installation of an ignition interlock device. Additionally, they can challenge the validity of field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, or other evidence to potentially weaken the prosecution’s case and improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

What are the potential consequences of a DUI conviction?

Depending on the jurisdiction and any previous convictions that you may have, the consequences you can face can vary widely, as a lawyer like one from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. can tell you about. These may include license suspension ranging from a few months to several years, hefty fines that can amount to thousands of dollars, mandatory alcohol or drug counseling or treatment programs, probation, community service, and even jail time, especially for repeat offenders or cases involving injuries or fatalities. Your lawyer will carefully examine the unique factors of your case, such as your blood alcohol concentration, previous convictions, and any aggravating circumstances, to assess the potential consequences you might face and work towards mitigating them as much as possible.

Do I have to take a breathalyzer test if I’m pulled over for suspected DUI?

Laws regarding breathalyzer tests vary by jurisdiction, but in many cases, there are implied consent laws that require drivers to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test when lawfully arrested for DUI. Refusing the test can result in automatic license suspension, regardless of whether you are ultimately convicted of DUI. It s important to note that your refusal of a test can be used against you in court. However, a DUI lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of your arrest and challenge the legality or accuracy of the test, such as questioning the calibration or maintenance records of the breathalyzer device or the officer’s adherence to proper testing protocols. These challenges can provide potential defense strategies to contest the results and strengthen your case.

What should I do if I’ve been charged with DUI?

If you’ve been charged with DUI, it’s crucial to consult with a drunk driving lawyer immediately. Time is of the essence in building a strong defense. Your lawyer will guide you through the legal process, explain your rights, and provide personalized advice based on the specifics of your case. They will carefully review the evidence against you, including police reports, breathalyzer results, and witness statements. They will also investigate any potential violations of your constitutional rights, errors in procedure, or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. It’s essential to avoid self-incrimination and let your attorney handle communication with law enforcement and the prosecution. If you take action soon, you can receive legal services with the help of a DC drunk driving accident lawyer.

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