Criminal Defense Attorney DC

Judge's Hammer & Handcuffs, symbolizing a DUI chargeIf you are facing potential probation, jail or prison time, it may be vital to find a criminal defense lawyer DC trusts,who will truly fight for you. Although you can access a court appointed lawyer, or represent yourself, a leading criminal defense lawyer in DC has both a great mind and necessary skills to help identify circumstances unique to your case. In addition, they have the ability to find legitimate arguments and factors that could mitigate or negate a potential criminal act. Ultimately, when you hire a top criminal defense lawyer DC offers, you can feel reassured knowing that there is someone on your side. Have You Been Accused of a Sex Crime?

A DC criminal defense lawyer can handle a multitude of jobs at the same time. He or she may call witnesses in your defense, and meticulously cross examine individuals put forth by the prosecutor. Your representing attorney may also:

Arrange Deals: A prosecutor might be unwilling to negotiate a plea bargain with the defendant, and a court appointed attorney may be limited in what he or she can do. A private criminal defense lawyer DC residents turn to can work with you and the prosecutor to develop a deal, which often includes sentence reductions, or even the elimination of charges.

Work Sentencing: In the event you are found guilty, a reputable criminal defense lawyer DC offers may be able to discuss a sentencing structure, which helps to decrease time spent in jail or prison. For example, if you are sentenced to 9 months in jail for a drug offense, a criminal attorney may arrange an agreement with the courts that offers less jail time and instead, drug treatment.

Support You: It’s common for defendants to feel scared, upset, and embarrassed, or suffer from a lack of knowledge about their rights. These emotions can cloud judgment and set you up for potential mishaps. With the assistance and support of a criminal defense lawyer DC recognizes, you’ll be able to boost your confidence and feel reassured that you do have someone fighting for you.

Guide Your Case: The legal system can be very tricky, and navigating it without experience is nearly impossible. Your criminal defense lawyer in DC is equipped with the experience that will enable them to help guide your case through the system. For example, if there is only one prosecutor who is able to make plea bargains, an attorney for criminal defense may already know this individual, and can talk to them way ahead of time.

Find the Right Laws: Many DC criminal defense lawyers may point out various legal rules or laws that a layperson may not know about. These important regulations may be deep in  law books, seemingly impossible to find. A good criminal defense lawyer DC defendants can turn to may already possess this knowledge, or will know how to find it.

Reach Out to Witnesses or Experts: Should you choose to hire a criminal defense lawyer DC is proud of, you may be more likely to have witnesses speak on your behalf. An attorney knows how to talk to potential witnesses about  forthcoming testimony, and can gather evidence and statements that could be called upon by the prosecution. Furthermore, investigators or expert witnesses may be consulted to present evidence that rebuts the prosecutor’s claims, or shows your innocence.

If you have been charged with criminal act, a criminal defense lawyer DC entrusts could be a necessity —  contact Brynn Law today for a free consultation.