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Judge's Hammer & Handcuffs, symbolizing a DUI chargeWhen you need a drug offenses attorney VA residents would recommend, The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. should be your first call. Possession, trafficking, and sale of controlled substances is often punished very harshly by drug laws, and  if convicted, the consequences could affect you for years to come. Hiring an experienced drug offenses attorney VA can provide is one way to help ensure that you have legal counsel and representation during such an important case.

Controlled Substances 

The phrase “controlled substance” is often used when discussing drug laws and drug crimes — but what exactly is a controlled substance?

Controlled substances are materials, such as drugs, that are regulated by state and/or federal laws. These regulations typically apply to various functions of the material, including manufacturing, distribution, sale, possession, and use. Controlled substances that are illegal in all situations include recreational drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Other controlled substances that are legal under some circumstances include prescription drugs, such as amphetamines or pain medications. Possession of a controlled prescription drug, for example, is legal if the individual has a valid prescription written by a doctor.

Drug Laws 

State and federal legislation controlling drugs have been very strict in the past. Some states have taken measures to reform these laws or to loosen restrictions on certain substances. Marijuana is one example of a controlled substance that has a convoluted legal status across the country.

Individuals living in and around the Washington DC metro area — including Virginia residents — should keep in mind that drug laws in Virginia do not carry over into Maryland or DC. In fact, as a seasoned drug offenses attorney in VA might attest, drug laws can vary quite a bit when you pass over state lines.

Drug-Related Criminal Charges

It’s possible for an individual to be charged with a single drug offense, but in many cases, an individual will have several different drug charges brought against them. This is because there are so many different ways that legislation has restricted the use and distribution of controlled substances.

Sometimes it may be possible to have a charge dropped or reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. If the individual is still convicted of a drug crime, a skilled drug offenses attorney VA has to offer may be able to convince the court to lessen the punishments.

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