Criminal Defense Lawyer DC

Criminal Defense Lawyer DC

Anyone searching for a criminal defense lawyer in DC is encouraged to contact our team at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we know that criminal defense cases can be extremely difficult for individuals — and their families — who have been charged with a serious crime. We also know that many defendants are wrongly accused or deserve to receive lighter sentences due to mitigating factors.

Here’s a quick look at some of the more common criminal defense cases that our lawyers have worked on:

Violent Crime

Criminal defense charges classified as “violent crimes” can be very diverse in nature. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we excel at providing legal counsel and representation for individuals who have been charged with violent crimes such as:

  • Kidnapping
  • Carjacking
  • Arson
  • Armed robbery
  • Aggravated assault

As a criminal defense lawyer should know, these types of criminal charges can involve many various factors, individuals, and motives. It’s common, in violent crime cases, for defendants to face charges because of mistaken identity, self defense, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sexual Solicitation and Other Sex Crimes

At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we know that these types of criminal cases can be very complex and may involve a great deal of sensitive information. The victims of sexual assault, rape, and other sex-related offenses deserve to bring their cases to court without shame. When an individual is wrongly accused of committing a sex crime, this person deserves to have equal protection under the law. The consequences of a sex crime conviction can carry life-long punishments and ramifications.

Drug Crimes

After the country’s “War on Drugs,” drug-related crimes have traditionally resulted in harsh sentences that may include jail or prison time, fines, and possibly even years of probation. However, DC is a fairly progressive city, and we understand the attitudes on drug-related offenses are changing. Quite simply, many local authorities, politicians, and courts have realized that there are better ways of helping an individual who has a substance abuse problem. Whether your case involves a one-time mistake, or whether it is the result of a years-long substance abuse battle, a criminal defense lawyer can fight for your wellbeing.


Mistakes happen, and as any seasoned criminal defense lawyer, we’ve seen the consequences for those mistakes include charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI). Although many people believe that these charges are open-and-shut cases, it may still be possible for a talented legal team to get the charges dropped or reduced.

White Collar Crimes

These types of crimes are typically non-violent but are still taken quite seriously. Crimes of this nature are generally found in government, businesses, and corporations. They include the likes of:

  • Tax Evasion – The deliberate underpaying of taxes or misrepresenting incomes.
  • Fraud – This could be for credit card fraud or other types of fraud such as mail or bank accounts.
  • Identity Theft – When someone’s identity is in question and charges may be brought about for misrepresenting yourself as someone else or stealing their identity. 

Your criminal defense lawyer from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. can help you to fight charges of this nature. These crimes are taken seriously by prosecutors and charges range in these types of cases. Our lawyers have the experience and skill it takes to fight these cases. Consult with us today to begin building your criminal defense strategy.

Information on Criminal Courtroom Etiquette

When faced with criminal charges, we know the road ahead can be quite stressful. Even with a lawyer by your side, it’s important that you present yourself appropriately in the courtroom. Courtroom etiquette is key when making court appearances. Although for some people this may be obvious, knowing court etiquette and the appropriate way to present oneself is key. There can be a lot riding on the charges you stand to face; having an attorney who can help provide you with the guidance and strategy required when facing criminal charges can make all the difference. Here are some tips to bear in mind when contending with a criminal case:

Practice Basic Etiquette

Regardless of how prepared you are to enter the courtroom, the process can still be incredibly nerve wracking. For many, contending with courtroom proceedings is probably something that you have never experienced before. It’s important that you properly present yourself when appearing in court. Knowing what to say, and how to behave can be overwhelming. Basic etiquette tips include:

  • Dress conservatively and appropriately. It’s important that you do not wear revealing or sloppy clothing.
  • Be on time to the courtroom.
  • Do not interrupt courtroom proceedings.
  • Keep your cell phone on silent.
  • Do not bring your children.
  • Keep a level head.
  • Be respectful.
  • Listen to everything the judge has to say.

As a criminal defense lawyer knows, basic etiquette can go a long way when handling a criminal case. Having an attorney to advise you regarding how best to present yourself can not only give you confidence in the courtroom, but also help to put your best foot forward.

Preparing to Testify

In some cases, it may make sense for a criminal defendant to testify. This is an important reason why acquiring the services of a trusted criminal defense lawyer may be in your best interest. This is especially key when it comes to taking the stand. It’s important to consider the following when preparing to take the stand:

  • Be truthful.
  • Prepare with your attorney.
  • Don’t rush when answering questions.
  • Don’t speak to things you do not know.
  • Be a cooperative witness.

There can be no amount of preparation that can mitigate the nerves accompanied with testifying. However, by utilizing a Washington, DC criminal defense lawyer, you can be as prepared as possible when taking the stand in court.

Utilizing a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal charges can be a difficult process. Criminal charges can be time consuming, costly, and ultimately have an impact on your reputation and how people perceive you. No one wants to be viewed differently by friends and family. Additionally, managing a criminal conviction can come with its fair share of complications. A criminal defense attorney has the ability to help manage and strategize your criminal defense case in the way that you deserve. When facing criminal charges, having an attorney to help strategize and advise you can make a significant difference; especially when facing the courtroom.

Criminal charges can fill you with worry, however, you will also need to contend with how you will present yourself in the courtroom. With so many considerations, it’s important to have the assistance of an attorney to ease your mind. If you are experiencing legal issues, contact a criminal defense lawyer to put your best foot forward.  

Do I Really Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Some may wonder if hiring a criminal defense lawyer is all that useful. The answer to that question is that these types of lawyers are especially useful. With their years of experience, skills, and knowledge they can help their clients to different benefits. These benefits include having their charges dropped, negotiating for a lighter sentence, and giving their client a fair shot at a fair trial. 

The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. understands the different nuances within these types of cases and are ready to represent you as your criminal defense legal counsel. We believe that we can help you with your case and get you the results you desire in your circumstance. Contact us today for a consultation and to begin building your case strategy.

What Exactly Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A criminal defense lawyer is skilled in fighting for their client’s rights and challenging evidence that may be presented against them. Some of the other things they specialize in and can work with are:

  • Negotiate with prosecutors – This can be quite useful in different scenarios to help negotiate a lighter sentence, reducing bail, having charges dropped, and more.
  • Research the case and facts – It’s crucial that you have your criminal defense lawyer review your case and all the specific details within that case. The facts must be understood and articulated in the courtroom in order to build a strong defense.
  • Interpret the evidence against their client – When evidence is presented against someone in a criminal defense trial this can be a sensitive moment. Your lawyer can help to interpret that evidence and may even be able to use it to your advantage in refuting it.

These are just a few of the things that your lawyer from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. can help you out with. Along with building a strong strategy and defense, our lawyers can also guide you through the process and help you to understand how the prosecutors will build their own case. We are ready to assist you with your criminal defense just as we have helped numerous others with their cases.

Should My Lawyer Be Present at My Arraignment

Being accused of a crime is a serious matter. If you face criminal charges, the consequences could be life-altering. You don’t want to walk this troubling path alone. To help get you through this process and to help ensure you have a fair trial, you should consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer. This legal professional will try to do everything in his or her power to uphold your rights and get the best result possible. You want your criminal defense lawyer with you from the time you’re arrested all the way through the trial. This should include your arraignment, though many people wonder whether this is a requirement.

What Is an Arraignment?

The arraignment is a critical part of your criminal case. It will usually happen within 72 hours of your arrest or indictment. At this proceeding, the court will formally advise you of the charges brought before you. It is during this occasion where the judge will ask you to enter a plea. You can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. If you plead not guilty, a court date will be set for your trial. This could be weeks or even months down the road.

Will Your Attorney Be There? 

In criminal cases, your criminal defense lawyer is not required to be there. You are under no obligation to have your attorney present at this early stage of the case. If you wish, you can handle this action on your own. The judge may ask whether your attorney is present, but there will be no penalty if you are alone at this point. This is the case regardless of the charges filed by the state.

Best Practices

While there is no rule that your criminal defense lawyer must be with you at your arraignment, it’s wise for you to have hired one by this point. If you do have one by the time your arraignment takes place, you can request that they be present. Even if you think you can handle this task on your own, a skilled lawyer can be a valuable asset. Your lawyer can advise you on what plea to enter. For example, even if you think you should go one way, an experienced lawyer may have a wiser course of action based on the case.

Don’t underestimate the value a criminal defense lawyercan have if you’re contending with legal problems. Your arraignment may go quickly, but an attorney can give you guidance and peace of mind so you can have confidence and make the right decision.

Questions To Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer means asking the right questions first. Asking questions helps you to get a feel for the attorney’s style and to determine whether he or she will be a good fit for your case. Use these questions as guidelines.

How Long Have You Practiced Law?

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you probably don’t want your case to be the first one your attorney has ever had in front of the judge. While you don’t necessarily need someone who has tried hundreds of cases across several decades, you do want someone who not only has experience in the courtroom but hopefully has experience with the judge and prosecutor assigned to your case. Remember, the more complex your case is, the more experience you’ll want your lawyer to have. 

Do You Provide a Free Consultation?

Your case is important to you and it should be important to your criminal defense lawyer as well. A five-minute phone conversation isn’t enough time for you to adequately lay out the situation, let alone for a lawyer to determine whether he or she can be of any help. Ideally, you’ll find an attorney who provides a no- or low-cost consultation appointment that lasts for at least one hour. 

During this time, you should discuss your charges and any specific facts you have about your case, what happened during your arrest, your criminal history, and whether you have any immigration issues. You should also provide information about your education, employment, and life history, as it often helps in court if you have strong ties in the community.  

What Are Your Credentials?

It isn’t just about how long your prospective attorney has been practicing law but where the credentials came from in the first place. Consider which schools the lawyer attended, whether he or she received any special recognition, which professional organizations the attorney is a part of, and whether he or she has ever faced any disciplinary action. 

What Is Your Area of Specialty?

Criminal law is a broad category that spans everything from small-time, white-collar embezzlement to federal drug or violent crime charges and more. Because your case is likely as complex as you are, it is important to work with a criminal defense lawyer who has taken cases like yours to trial before. Remember, you won’t get the best representation possible if the person you hire has no experience in the area for which you’re being tried. 

Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer 

A compassionate legal office, like The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., understands that many good people make bad mistakes — but that doesn’t mean those good people should have to pay for their mistakes for the rest of their lives.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s essential to know that you can receive legal counsel from a respected source. 

Our legal team knows how important it is to provide valuable legal counsel to local residents who have been charged with a crime in DC. If you would like more information about the lawyers and services at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., or to make an appointment with a criminal defense lawyer, contact our local office today.

Your Rights in the Event of an Arrest

If you are arrested and charged with a crime, you still have certain rights. The law of the United States is clear that a person accused of a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty. This means that, if and when your case goes to trial, it is not up to you to prove that you didn’t do what you are accused of. Rather, it means that the prosecution has to provide evidence to convince the court that you did.

The Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the United States protect you from unreasonable arrests and self-incrimination, respectively. This means that authorities cannot arrest you without a reason, called probable cause, and you do not have to admit guilt or say anything that is against your own interests.

Here is an overview of the legal rights you have if arrested. Some of them may sound familiar if you watch crime dramas on television. These are called Miranda rights after a Supreme Court case, and they are included in fiction in the interest of authenticity, yet television and movie writers sometimes take some artistic license with the real procedures.

Right to a Phone Call

Upon being taken into custody, i.e., held by police, you have the right to make one phone call to a local number. You can call anyone you want, such as a family member or an attorney. In most cases, the police will listen in during your phone call. However, if you call a lawyer, the police are not allowed to listen.

Right To Remain Silent

Once the police start questioning you, you have the right to avoid self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment. Before questioning, you should be informed of your right to remain silent and avoid saying anything that may incriminate you. However, ironically, you have to make a statement of some sort to the police invoking your right to remain silent. 

Otherwise, your silence may be used against you in court.

You can also choose to give up the right to remain silent and talk to the police. If you do so after being informed of your rights, anything you say is admissible in court. Police should explain this to you before questioning.

Right to an Attorney

You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning by the police. An attorney can advise you not to answer questions that are self-incriminating or that police do not have the authority to ask.

Call The Law Offices of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.

The criminal justice process can be intimidating. One of our attorneys can help guide you through it and help assert your rights. It’s imperative that you act quickly to have your rights safeguarded. Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in DC from The Law Offices of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. now.

3 Reasons To Hire an Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer DCFor individuals facing a serious criminal charge, many people will say that it is essential to contact a criminal defense lawyer DC trusts. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, we have helped people in the past who initially weren’t sure whether a criminal defense lawyer could provide valuable assistance.

Each individual’s case is different and there is never any guarantee that working with a lawyer will help you win your case. Nevertheless, a good criminal defense lawyer can be invaluable to anyone who is facing a criminal charge. Here are three reasons why defendants hire a criminal defense attorney:

1. A good lawyer will know when negotiations won’t work and when it’s time to start preparing for a trial.

No one can call themselves the “best” criminal defense lawyer DC can provide. No honest lawyer can say that he or she can guarantee a winning case for each and every client. But at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, we thrive on pursuing the highest level of excellence, and this effort is reflected in our case success rate.

A good DC criminal defense lawyer will know that some cases require court trials while other cases can be handled outside of the courtroom. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, our legal team understands that it’s not always wise to seek a court trial immediately if a reasonable settlement is possible through negotiation.

However, if your negotiation discussions fail to reach a reasonable outcome, an individual facing a criminal charge may have to prepare for a trial. If this is the case, a criminal defense lawyer DC trusts will be invaluable. A good lawyer will be able to help clients prepare adequately for court cases and will assist in processes such as collection of evidence and calling witnesses to testify.

2. Criminal defense lawyers possess extensive knowledge of complicated laws.

Our legal system is very complex. To craft a solid defense against a criminal charge that will be acceptable in a court of law can be an uphill battle.

A good criminal defense lawyer will have a strong understanding of complex laws and processes, no matter how complicated these may be. Working with a criminal defense lawyer DC residents rely on may be a beneficial tool for anyone facing a serious criminal charge.

3. Well-equipped legal teams can offer more than basic legal counsel; they can offer emotional and mental support.

When an individual is facing a serious criminal charge, he or she may be under a great deal of pressure. For many defendants in these cases, psychological effects of being charged with a crime may be impossible to ignore.

A well-known criminal defense lawyer in DC may have connections to other individuals in the DC area who can help clients deal with the psychological toll of criminal cases.

A good legal team will also be able to provide some sense of stability for the client they are defending — and this, in turn, may help the client deal with some of the emotional stress of the case. Simply knowing that another person is handling the legwork — from the overarching defense, right down to the nitty-gritty details — may provide an immense relief for a defendant.

Criminal Defense Infographic

7 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

1. Investigate Your Case

You can’t always count on the police to thoroughly investigate a crime. They may miss critical evidence, fail to talk to witnesses or make mistakes in their investigation. A criminal defense lawyer in DC will search for any evidence that could prove that someone else committed the crime, that you couldn’t have committed the crime or that establishes a reasonable doubt about whether you committed the crime. Additionally, your attorney will search for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

2. Prevent Your Rights From Being Violated

Many private citizens are not familiar with their rights or with how the law works. A criminal defense lawyer in DC will know the rights you are entitled to and work to ensure those rights are not violated. 

3. Represent You at Trial

If your case goes to court, your attorney at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. will participate in selecting the jury, cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses, objecting to improper testimony or evidence and making your case to the jury. Because your attorney is more familiar with the law and how the courtroom works than you are, your case is more likely to be successful than if you tried to represent yourself.

4. Communicate With Your Family

Your criminal charges don’t just affect you, they also affect your family. Your attorney at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. will communicate with your family about what is happening with you and your case. 

5. Investigate the Police’s Conduct

If the police violated your rights while collecting evidence, that evidence may not be admissible in court. Your attorney will investigate the police’s actions to determine if any rights violations occurred and file a motion to suppress any unlawfully obtained evidence.

6. Build Your Defense

Your attorney will help you determine what the best defense to go with is. There is often more than one defensive strategy available. It is up to your attorney to choose which is the most likely to be successful. 

7. Help You Make Decisions About Your Case

You may be asked to make important decisions, such as whether to accept a plea agreement or take your chances with a trial. Your attorney can advise you which choice to make based on the facts of your case and experience with similar cases. You do not have to take your lawyer’s advice; however, it is best to at least listen before making up your mind.

DC Criminal Defense Law Statistics

According to Pew Research Center, only 2 percent of the almost 80,000 defendants charged with federal crimes actually go to trial. Almost 90 percent of those cases are resolved with a guilty plea by the defendant, while just under 10 percent are dismissed.

DC Criminal Defense Laws

Navigating The Intricacies Of Criminal Defense In The Capital

In the dense and complex arena of criminal law within Washington, D.C., those facing charges encounter a myriad of challenges and legal nuances that demand expert navigation. From understanding the layered aspects of the District’s legal stipulations to crafting a defense that speaks with resonant clarity in the courtroom, a DC criminal defense lawyer becomes an imperative ally in seeking justice, preserving rights, and navigating through the entwining pathways of legal processes.

Exploring The Diverse Landscape Of Criminal Laws

The District of Columbia possesses a distinct set of criminal laws, each encompassing various components that govern how offenses are classified, prosecuted, and penalized. The legal statutes delineate offenses into misdemeanors and felonies, with each category further splintering into diverse classes, each bearing its unique set of potential penalties and implications. Navigating through these categories and understanding the contextual application of each law requires not only a deep-seated knowledge of D.C.’s legal frameworks but also a keen ability to apply these laws strategically within the realms of defense planning.

Pivoting Through The Legal Processes With Acumen

Engaging with the criminal justice system in D.C. means participating in a structured, albeit complex, process that extends from arrest to potential trial. Each phase—arrest, arraignment, pre-trial motions, trial, and possibly, appeal—warrants meticulous attention to detail and strategic planning. A seasoned DC criminal defense lawyer meticulously traverses through each phase, ensuring that the defendant’s rights are unassailably protected, and that each step taken is firmly rooted in a strategic underpinning aimed at securing the most favorable outcome possible.

Crafting A Defense Anchored In Strategic Foresight

The construction of a potent defense strategy requires a multifaceted approach, intertwining a robust understanding of D.C.’s criminal laws with an acute perception of the defendant’s unique circumstances. This entails exploring various avenues like challenging the validity of evidence, scrutinizing procedural adherence, and unveiling alternate narratives that substantiate the defendant’s stance. Consequently, a DC criminal defense lawyer plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the defense not only adheres to legal protocols but also resonates with strategic and emotive efficacy in the courtroom.

The Law Firm Of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. – A Beacon Of Expertise And Advocacy

In the intricate and demanding spaces of D.C.’s criminal law landscape, The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. emerges as a beacon of legal expertise, advocacy, and steadfast support. Rooting its practice in a confluence of knowledge, experience, and unwavering commitment, the firm extends its adept capabilities to navigate, advocate, and shield within the complex realms of criminal defense.

Embark On A Journey Towards Legal Resilience And Justice

Step forward with a team that intertwines legal proficiency with a passionate commitment to advocacy and justice. Allow our expertise to pave a pathway through the perplexing vistas of D.C.’s criminal laws, and let our dedication sculpt a defense that is impenetrable, compelling, and resonant. Reach out to us today, and let’s forge ahead, crafting a future where your defense stands unshaken amidst the complexities of criminal law. Together, let’s navigate towards a horizon where justice, clarity, and assurance prevail.

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For more information about the legal services provided by The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, contact our Washington DC office today by calling (202) 888-0953. With over 25 years of combined legal experience, our team is proud to provide each client with a respected and competent criminal defense lawyer DC has to offer.

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