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Bus Accident Lawyer Washington DC, Maryland, VirginiaA serious public transport injury is like any other injury sustained in an accident: it hurts; it may keep you from working, and providing for your family; it costs money; and it keeps you awake at night with worry over how you can be yourself again.The bus accident itself may trigger emotional trauma that lasts for years — bad news for people who depend on public transportation to get them where they need to go.If a city bus driver’s negligence caused an accident that harmed you or ended the life of a loved one, you have rights that must be protected. We safeguard those interests every day at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., in Washington, D.C.Our District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland clients appreciate the way we aggressively advocate for justice, in and out of court. In a personal injury context, “justice” means maximum financial compensation to recover lost wages and medical expenses, and which reflects your pain and suffering as well as emotional difficulties brought on by the crash.

75-Plus Years Of Combined Experience, $25-Plus Million In Damages Awarded

This reputation for results is built upon traditions of exhaustive investigation of accidents, thorough case preparation as if every claim is going to trial, skillful negotiations with insurers and litigation in court that sends a message. You should expect no less from a bus company than a safe trip to your destination. If you received a painful injury and health problems instead, Frederick J. Brynn and his team of attentive attorneys are here to help in any way they can.

These quality legal services come to you strictly on a contingency fee basis. The only way we can be compensated for our hard work is if we win your case.

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“I’ve known Mr. Brynn since 1999 when he accepted my case even when i was told by other attorneys I couldn’t win. Mr.Brynn won my case. I just recently had to call him and again he won my case. He is an awesome guy and a family man. Without him some things wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks”
Rennae Ford
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