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Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Washington DC, Maryland, VirginiaLeaving the scene of an accident — especially a traffic accident that leaves serious injury and death in its wake — is clearly illegal throughout the U.S., and has been for many years.If a negligent driver did not stop after hurting you in your motor vehicle, or as a motorcyclist, bicycle rider or pedestrian, our compassionate Washington, D.C., personal injury law offices are on your side.The skilled personal injury attorneys to contact if your life has been changed, or a loved one’s has ended, due to a hit-and-run accident, can be found at The Capitol Hill Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.We have been to the homes and hospital rooms of people just like you, with families just like yours. We are well-aware of the losing battles fought against lost income during recovery from an accident, the burden of medical expenses, costs of vehicle replacement, and the physical pain and suffering that accident injury victims feel.We rise to the occasion on your behalf — investigating your hit-and-run accident, preparing your case, advocating for you during negotiations with an insurance company, and forcefully litigating in courts of law if necessary.

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Speaking of money, our attentive legal services and personal approach don’t cost you any. Thanks to the contingency fee basis for our work, you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

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“I’ve known Mr. Brynn since 1999 when he accepted my case even when i was told by other attorneys I couldn’t win. Mr.Brynn won my case. I just recently had to call him and again he won my case. He is an awesome guy and a family man. Without him some things wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks”
Rennae Ford
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