Washington, D.C., Personal Injury Lawyers Hold Distracted Drivers Accountable

Accidents don’t come more avoidable than texting and driving accidents, if only from a legal standpoint. Driving while on cellphones has been prohibited by law in a number of states, in recent years.And yet, many drivers continue to endanger their own lives, and those of others, by using distracting mobile devices during car trips.If you were the innocent, seriously injured victim of a selfish phone user’s illegal multitasking, you can fight back — and the Washington, D.C., personal injury lawyers at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., will fight right alongside you.You can benefit from our firmwide more than 75 years of experience with successful handling of personal injury cases. Frederick J. Brynn is responsible for almost 25 years of that track record of success. We built our reputation for positive results with responsiveness to client goals, deep investigation of accidents’ causes, skilled negotiations with the insurers of distracted drivers, and passionate advocacy in court when litigation is necessary.As long-time champions of the causes of injured clients in need, and families grieving wrongful deaths caused by traffic accidents, we know the challenges you face: lost wages, medical bills, vehicle replacement costs and the sacrifice that has no price tag, that of physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma that could impact you for years.

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“I’ve known Mr. Brynn since 1999 when he accepted my case even when i was told by other attorneys I couldn’t win. Mr.Brynn won my case. I just recently had to call him and again he won my case. He is an awesome guy and a family man. Without him some things wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks”
Rennae Ford
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