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Why is a DUI Considered to Be so Serious?

In Maryland, driving under the influence is considered to be very serious. A conviction will likely carry severe penalties, as well as, consequences that could last for three to five years or more. For those who have multiple DUIs, hold a professional driver’s license, or work in certain professions, a DUI may be even more serious. As a DUI conviction lawyer in Maryland, we know that many people charged with a DUI feels the penalties given to them were too harsh. Yet on the other hand, some outsiders might believe they are not harsh enough. This leads to the question, why are DUIs handled in the way they are?

DUI penalties exist to hold the offender accountable, and also to protect the public by encouraging behavioral changes that reduce the chances of a person driving while under the influence. The following are a few reasons to consider why DUIs are handled in a way that they are:

How DUIs Affect Society

In the U.S., alcohol is one of the leading reasons for deaths to occur on roads and highways. In 2017, 10,874 people lost their lives to drunk driving; this accounts for 37% of traffic related fatalities. In the last 3 or 4 decades, this problem has gotten better; however, according to data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities related to drunk driving are rising again. Recent statistics show that at least 300,000 road related injuries involved a drunk driver who has twice as high over the limit of 0.8%.

Finally, the societal cost to alcohol-related accidents is high. For example, people lose their life, property is damaged, medical expenses are incurred; then there is court fees, lost income, and other consequences. An average idea of what DUIs cost U.S. society is around 44 billion dollars each year. 

The Individual Cost of a DUI

Don’t mistake a DUI for a traffic citation. This is not correct. A DUI can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances. It can result in a criminal record, a driver’s license suspension or revocation, probation, mandatory alcohol classes, fines, and jail time. The collateral damage from a DUI conviction is broad, and may include:

  1. Insurance premium increase
  2. Job loss
  3. Professional license suspension
  4. Child custody issues

In addition to the aforementioned, as a DUI conviction lawyer in Maryland might explain, you may be unable to live in certain areas, get certain jobs, take out certain loans, or even travel.

Don’t Mistake Your DUI as Being A Mere Infraction. Call a DUI Conviction Lawyer in Maryland

A DUI is serious.The average DUI will typically cost a person $15,000 or more, over a 3-5 year period. If you can’t afford this, call a DWI attorney Maryland residents can trust for legal advice. 

Regardless of what happened or whether or not you believe you are guilty, you should find out what a DUI conviction lawyer in Maryland can say about your case. It is your right to fight the charges against you, and even with the cost of a lawyer, you may save money in the long run. To find out how  it may be possible to have your charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser sentence, call a Maryland DUI conviction lawyer at The Law Firm of  Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. now.