Wrongful Death Lawyer, DC

Wrongful Death Lawyer, DC- wooden gavel on table with books in the backgroundA wrongful death lawyer in DC from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. knows that wrongful death cases are among the most complex and impactful types of civil suits brought in American court systems. They exist to provide people an opportunity to receive compensation for the untimely death of a loved one who provided care and comfort, including spouses, children, and extended relatives who provided concrete support in your daily life.

Who pays settlements for wrongful death?

Most settlements and decisions in favor of the plaintiff are paid at least in part by the defendant’s insurance company, which often motivates settlement offers in an attempt to reduce overall case costs through a speedy resolution. This does not mean that most cases go to a settlement right away, however. It just means that cases with clear-cut liability are likely to be resolved in the most efficient way for the participating insurance company. 

In cases where liability is unclear or where the defendant denies liability despite other evidence, this quick resolution might not be possible. Fast settlement times for wrongful death suits still result in months of waiting between filings and response times, as well as meetings with your DC wrongful death lawyer to review the evidence and discuss strategy.

What is the wrongful death process?

While negotiating toward a settlement, the attorneys representing both parties continue to prepare the case to move forward. Often, court dates are set weeks or even months in the future. In some crowded venues, wait times could stretch into years. Civil cases involve several preliminary hearings before proceeding to a trial, and the number can climb quickly under some circumstances. Lawyers who focus on wrongful death cases work hard to streamline the process so plaintiffs can get closure, but these are not fast cases to move through.

How long does a trial usually take?

Once they go to trial, wrongful death suits tend to take a few days to present all the evidence. Rarely would one need to go longer than a week. It’s hard to pin down a concrete time estimate, though. Simple cases may take less than a full day of court time to present all the evidence from both sides. If there are circumstances that cause a delay during the trial, then anything could happen to the timeline for completion. 

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