An experienced bicycle accident lawyer VA residents depend on understands that the injuries a victim might suffer in a bike accident can be devastating. After all, riding a bike offers little impact protection from a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. Those injuries can be even more catastrophic if the vehicle that hit you was traveling at a fast speed.

The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. has more than 75 years of combined legal experience helping accident victims get the financial compensation they deserve. When you need a skilled bicycle accident lawyer in VA, you can count on our legal team to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

The Most Common Cause of Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle accident lawyer VA clients recommend knows that, although a cyclist can be in an accident and sustain injuries because of a defective bike part or even a dog attack, the most frequent type of bicycle accident is caused by some type of collision with a motor vehicle. According to one study, the Naturalistic Cycling Study, drivers of vehicles were deemed at fault in 89 percent of the bike accidents and near misses that the researchers of the study reported.

  • Car doors. One of the most common causes of injuries to cyclists are collisions with car door accidents. This is when the driver of vehicle opens their door without looking, unaware the cyclist is approaching. Either the door itself hits the bike and sends the cyclist flying or the cyclist swerves the bike to avoid the door and is hit by another vehicle or crashes onto the ground.
  • Traffic turns. Another common type of accident that a seasoned bicycle accident lawyer VA victims depend on also involves traffic. When the driver of the vehicle attempts to take a right turn just as the cyclists is passing the street or parking lot the driver wants to turn into. This usually happens because the driver is unaware that the cyclist is there.
  • Misjudgement of speed and distance. The driver knows the cyclist is there, speeds up to bypass the cyclist and makes their turn but misjudges the distance and collides with the bike.

No matter what type of bike accident you were injured in, if the other party was at-fault, then under Virginia law, that person is responsible for those injuries, including all of your medical expenses, as well as any income you lost because you were unable to work while you were recovering from your injuries. The law also says you may be entitled to damages for the pain and suffering those injuries caused.

Let a Bicycle Accident Lawyer VA Trusts Help You

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