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When an innocent person passes away because another party chose to act recklessly or without thought, it can devastate the surviving family beyond repair. To lose a person too soon due to another’s actions, can motivate many loved ones to relentlessly seek justice for their fallen relative.

An attorney recommends not fighting this battle alone. Your attorney can empathize with the depth of agony you may be experiencing during this time and  will not back down easily, and will do whatever they can to see that justice is found.

How Wrongful Death Even Happens

As humans, we are mortal and may face risks on a daily basis. We cannot completely eliminate all chances of being part of an accident. However, there is a huge difference between being involved in a true accident, and perishing because of another person’s actions or negligence. Wrongful death can occur for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Failure of doctors and/or medical staff to properly diagnose, correctly treat or otherwise uphold a reasonable standard of medical care to their patient
  • Car accidents due to the driver being intoxicated, careless, intentionally reckless or distracted while behind the wheel
  • Nursing home accidents or negligence, where the person may have succumbed due to abuse or medical errors
  • Construction site accidents, where workers may fall from heights, trenches may cave in or machinery may malfunction resulting in tragedy
  • Products or devices that are faulty, had misleading information, a lack of warning labels and/or were not properly created
  • A newborn baby dies due to injury or illness that resulted from improperly used birthing tools or other medical errors

The Importance of Evidence

Evidence can be crucial to whether or not the surviving family has a chance at receiving restitution for their loved one’s wrongful passing. There are four elements to wrongful death cases, that a family may want to keep in mind when gathering proof. An attorney can help you organize evidence to support your case. The four elements a family must prove in court are briefly described below:

  1. That the loved one passed due to the thoughtless, reckless, intentional or negligent actions of the offender
  2. The offender had an obligation to the loved one, and had breached his or her duty in upholding this role
  3. The offender’s behavior had directly led to the loved one’s passing
  4. Due to the death, the surviving family now faces quantifiable losses

If you recently lost a loved one and are suspicious that another party may have had an influence in this happening, please call a wrongful death lawyer Washington, DC relies on at Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. right away. For some family members, obtaining justice for the loss of their loved one can aid in the healing process.


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