If you were recently involved in an accident, then you can rely on our auto accident law firm in Washington, DC at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. It is almost impossible for two car accidents to be exactly the same. After you file a car accident report with your insurance company, their biggest concern will be how the collision occurred and who is at-fault. By pinpointing the cause of the accident, it can help prove that the other driver was responsible.

Figuring out what caused the crash can be difficult, as you only saw it unfold through your eyes. Perhaps you know the other driver was to blame, but what variables led them to colliding into you? It is often a combination of you, your insurance company, and your car accident lawyer Washington DC injured residents can depend on, who will be trying to answer this question. 

In the moments before the other driver plowed into your vehicle, do you know what they were doing? Were they on their cell phone? Speeding? Or doing something else reckless? Here we list the most common factors that lead to a serious car accident:

Driving While Intoxicated
Under no circumstances should anyone get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. If a drunk driver caused the car crash, then you have a right to pursue compensation from them for losses and damages. At our Washington, DC auto accident law firm, our team can help you seek monetary restitution for what you have endured.

Texting and Driving
It may come as no surprise to read that texting and driving is one of the leading reasons that car collisions occur. All it takes is a fraction of a second to look at your phone before you unknowingly crash into another car. Many people think they are good at multitasking behind the wheel, and may think it’s no big deal to text and drive or make a phone call. However, most of them are very wrong and may not change their ways until they cause a serious accident. 

Speeding and Recklessness
Speed limits are decided and posted in an area for a reason. These speed restrictions allow the road to remain safe, while reducing the occurrence of car accidents. If the other driver who hit you was being reckless and speeding, they may be held liable. You can depend on our auto accident law firm in DC for strategic and aggressive support in holding the offending party responsible for their actions. 

Driving While Drowsy
The types of drivers who are most often guilty for driving while drowsy are truck drivers. These people must be behind the wheel of a large commercial truck for many hours at a time, and may not give themselves sufficient rest and meal breaks. This can result in them falling asleep while driving and then waking up to find themselves part of a serious wreck. If you suspect the driver who hit you had fallen asleep while driving, it is imperative that you notify an attorney from our DC auto accident law firm immediately.

Distracted Driving
Aside from being on the cell phone, there are other ways that someone could be distracted while driving, such as eating, talking with a passenger, or playing with the radio. As stated above, it doesn’t take long for a crash to happen if someone peels their eyes away from the road momentarily. If you believe the other driver was distracted in some way, let your insurance company and attorney know so a more in-depth investigation can be performed. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our auto accident law firm in Washington, DC at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. for the guidance you need in the wake of a serious car accident.