Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Washington DC

Capitol BuildingFinding a motorcycle accident lawyer Washington DC residents rely on might seem difficult, but at our law firm, we believe it shouldn’t be impossible. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly disastrous for the victims. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we strive to give our clients effective and trustworthy counsel when they are seeking damages for their injuries.

Why exactly might it be so helpful to hire a Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm after being injured in an accident?

We know that motorcycle accident injury cases may require special care.

The amount of protection that riders have on a motorcycle is often a fraction of what drivers have in a regular passenger vehicle. This lack of protection increases the risks of riding a motorcycle — something that some insurers are quick to point out — while decreasing the chance of a motorcyclist walking away from a collision unharmed. Motorcyclists often face unique challenges on the road, due to the size and weight of their vehicles. During a collision, a motorcyclist may be especially prone to severe head, neck, and spinal injuries — along with other soft tissue injuries and broken bones.

A top motorcycle accident lawyer Washington DC can provide should know about all of these unique factors and how they may influence an injury claim.

Motorcycle accidents can be very costly

One reason why injured accident victims may contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington DC is for representation in insurance claim negotiations. Some accident cases do call for a courtroom lawsuit, but many personal injury cases are actually handled through more informal means.

A big problem that injured motorcyclists may face is that their injuries could require extensive medical treatment, but the insurance company refuses to pay a fair amount of money to cover these costs. Hiring a lawyer may be a wise decision for anyone who is having trouble negotiating with the insurer. Simply having a knowledgeable and persuasive representative in these negotiations could be beneficial for a claimant who needs a financial settlement.

Our practice is small and local

Our firm isn’t a national entity that’s focused solely on making as much money as possible. We drive on the same roads as our clients, and we understand how local laws might affect their cases. When you’re looking for a respected motorcycle accident lawyer Washington DC has to offer, it’s essential to know that you’re receiving personalized counsel from a lawyer who has reviewed your case and is willing to dedicate time to it.

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At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we believe that motorcyclists deserve the exemplary legal counsel that other drivers may receive after being injured in an accident. Despite all of the risks associated with motorcycles, these drivers deserve the legal protections of personal injury claims.

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