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Being arrested for drunk driving is a costly experience, financially, emotionally and logistically. You will experience attorney fees, court costs and other penalties that may include jail time. However, a more immediate for those who are convicted of a DUI or DWI is the loss of your license, which can make travel required for work difficult. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning of the vehicular penalties of a conviction.

Suspension or Loss of License

In almost every state, a drunken driving conviction results in the immediate loss or suspension of your license. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, you may be permitted to take steps toward the recovery of your license at a later date.

While a suspension is most often the result of a conviction, it doesn’t have to be. If you choose to refuse the roadside sobriety tests, you may be required to relinquish your license until your arraignment or trial immediately.

Attend drunken driving School

To reclaim your license, you will likely be required to attend an alcohol education and assessment program, more commonly referred to as drunk driving school. These programs are likely mandatory elements of your probation and will include several modules.

  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Drunken driving prevention
  • Exploration of your drinking habits

Undergo a Psychological Assessment

Upon the completion of your drunk driving program, you may have to undergo a psychological assessment. A trained counselor will administer the alcohol evaluation portion of your program, and it will likely occur over several visits and interviews. The counselor will be responsible for determining patterns of behavior and then identifying whether those patterns constitute a diagnosis of alcohol abuse disorder. If you are found to have this disorder, then you will likely have to undergo a more formal, court-approved alcohol treatment program before earning your driving privileges.

Installation of Preventative Measures

In some cases, especially for repeat offenders, the court may require the installation of an ignition interlock device before allowing a driver to secure a license. These devices prohibit the ignition of a car until the driver has blown into a Breathalyzer. Once they have blown into the device and their blood alcohol reading is within legal range, the vehicle will start.

Higher Insurance Rates

Beyond the steps and provisions to reclaiming your driving privileges, if you are convicted of a DUI or DWI, you will most likely see an increase in your auto insurance rates. The price change is due to the increased risk you present to the insurance company.

While it is possible to receive less severe punishments for a DUI, the above are standard across several states. To ensure you are represented and defended well, find a criminal offenses attorney in DC to take on your case.

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