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Were you injured because of someone else’s negligence? Do you have mounting hospital bills because of said injuries? If you do, then you may be trying to figure out who pays the medical bills and if you have to when you have a settlement on its way. Personal injury claims can be complicated and if you’ve never dealt with them before, you may be unsure of how to handle yourself. Here is what you need to know about personal injury settlements and hospital bills.

Do You Have to Pay Medical Bills?

In terms of medical bills, you are still responsible for every bill that is in your name. If you have a bill, you are obligated to pay it. Now, if you don’t have the money to pay the bills, there are routes that you can take to pay off your debt. For instance, some hospitals will allow you to make regular payments towards the medical bills. Others may have different financing options that you can use. If you have health insurance, then you should use your insurance to handle the bills.

What If You Have a Settlement?

If you have a settlement coming or if you expect that you will receive a settlement, then you still have to pay the bills when they are due. You cannot always wait until you receive your money. Now, in some cases, a hospital may use a medical lien to receive the money. This means that the hospital asserts an interest in any personal injury settlement that you receive. The money would be taken out of the settlement.

In addition, if this happens, you may also have to pay money to your insurance company if you used your medical insurance. Now, if you pay your bills in advance of the settlement, then you can keep your settlement without worry about medical bills. Of course, most settlements take time to receive, and hence you will want to talk to your hospital about how to afford your bills if you are struggling.

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, it might feel unfair. You may feel as though you shouldn’t have to pay your medical bills. While you do deserve compensation, you still have to pay what the doctors ask of you until you receive the settlement. To discuss personal injury, set up a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, as soon as possible.

Thank you to the attorneys at Johnston | Martineau PLLP, for their insight into personal injury and the law.


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