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You don’t have to be a genius to realize that significant injuries can result from a motorcycle wreck. If you are involved in such an accident, the physical effects could be life-altering. You may not be able to work or continue regular activities. Emotional and financial consequences can be difficult to bear as well. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you could receive some help as you try to recover. However, what happens if you share some of the blame for the accident? This can be a tricky situation, but there may still be hope that you can successfully file and win your case. 


Some car and motorcycle accidents are cut and dried when it comes to determining who or what caused the incident. For instance, if you are obeying the speed limit and proceed properly through a green light, but someone driving a car runs a red light at the intersection and hits you, you should have a clear-cut case. The same should be true if you are hit by someone who is distracted at the wheel or driving under the influence, and you are not violating any laws of the road. However, the blame does not go solely on someone’s shoulders in every accident. Many incidents on the road occur due to multiple drivers’ fault. Take, for example, an accident that could take place where someone runs a stop sign and side-swipes you, but you were going 30 miles over the speed limit. Or, you collide with another vehicle because both of you veered out of your lanes due to distracted or impaired driving. 

Determining Fault

In a police investigation and injury lawsuit, investigators would assign a percentage of the accident’s fault to those involved. You may be 90% at fault for the accident or 10% at fault, depending on the circumstances. In such cases, you could still be eligible for compensation but not a full settlement amount. If you were asking for $100,000 in compensation for your injuries, but the judge ruled you were 50% to blame, you could recover half the damages you wanted. 

What the Settlement Can Cover

Your cash settlement can pay for any medical bills you incurred due to your injuries. This could include treatment, surgeries, hospital stays, medication, and rehab. You may also get compensation for wages lost by not being able to work. 

Even if you are partially to blame for your motorcycle accident, you can still recover damages. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can help you build a case and get the help you deserve. 


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