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Due to the very nature of motorcycle accidents, injuries are often more severe because the cyclist is freely exposed and vulnerable. The velocity and speed of both the plaintiff and the defendant’s vehicles, the environment where the spill occurs, and the level of effective protection worn by the injured party all have a direct effect on the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. If you have been injured in a cycling collision, your motorcycle accident lawyer may be actively involved in negotiating for non-economic damages as well as the economic damages you sustained.

Damages are physical and/or mental harms suffered by someone who has been injured or lost a loved one in an accident caused by another person or entity. There are three types of damages your attorney may seek on your behalf:

  1.     Economic damages;
  2.     Non-economic damages;
  3.     Punitive damages

This blog will describe non-economic damages.

Non-economic damages cannot be verified or receipted. They are harms in the form of pain and suffering which can only be experienced by the injured party or other claimant named in the plaintiff’s claim. A demand for non-economic damages is a request made by the injured party’s attorney for a loss in the quality of life. The following is a short list of some common non-economic damages that your personal injury lawyer may negotiate for or make a request for in in the court-filed Complaint against the defendant:

  1.     Death of a loved one – the subjective loss of affection of a child, spouse, or parent is a type of pain and suffering.
  2.     Loss of consortium – injuries may negatively affect personal and intimate relationships between spouses. Whether temporary or permanent, the injured party may receive compensation for this loss.
  3.     Physical permanent impairment – the loss of enjoyment of life due to a partial permanent impairment or disability.
  4.     Severe and chronic pain –the loss of enjoyment of life and may be compensated for under the category of non-economic damages.
  5.     Sterility – the pain and suffering caused by the plaintiff’s inability to produce offspring.
  6.     Loss of organs – a complication of the injured party’s life that may require painful and disruptive changes in lifestyle.

It takes an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer

Attorneys working for the defendant insurance companies use several defenses to lower the value of your motorcycle accident case. It takes an experienced plaintiffs’ lawyer to successfully represent injured victims and maximize the value of a motorcycle claim. Should your claim go before a jury, your attorney, like the Auto Accident Lawyers Indianapolis, IN riders turn to, should be equipped with the know how to offset any potential jury bias or comparative fault issues before they arise.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Ward & Ward Law Firm for their insight into motorcycle accident cases.


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