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I slipped and fell even though a warning sign was posted. Can I file a personal injury claim?A good slip and fall lawyer Washington, DC can trust will tell you that slip and fall is one of the leading causes of traumatic head injuries and broken bones. Elderly people and children tend to be the most vulnerable. When ones of these accidents happens, the ability to recover compensation will largely depend on the facts and circumstances of the case. One of these factors is the presence of a warning sign.

Slipping and falling in the presence of a warning sign could affect your ability to seek damages, but the keyword here is “could”. As a slip and fall lawyer in Washington, DC might tell you, there may be legal options available that still entitles you to compensation even though a warning sign was posted when you slipped and fell.

Do You Have a Legitimate Slip and Fall Claim?

If you slipped and fell in the presence of a warning sign, a slip and fall lawyer may consider the following:

  • What were the conditions of the store at the time of the slip and fall?
  • How long the floor was wet?
  • Did the spill happen longer than 10 minutes before, or had it been there for hours?
  • Was the spill, or otherwise wet conditions, on the floor long enough so the manager or employees should have known about it while inspecting the premises?
  • Was there ample time to correct the condition?
  • How often was the premises inspection?
  • Was a warning sign required, and what were the requirements of the sign?
  • Was the sign difficult to see?
  • Are there photographs or video footage of the warning sign?

The primary objective of a slip and fall lawyer will be to determine as much as possible through a comprehensive investigation. It may be possible that a slip and fall lawyer serving Washington, DC will turn to private investigators, expert witnesses, and scene witnesses to ensure no stone is left unturned.

How a Warning Sign Could Affect a Claim

If a warning sign was present at the time of a slip and fall, lawyers will need to consider this when filing a claim. It is a complicated factor and could affect the outcome.
The defense team will likely rely on the sign being present as evidence that suggests the owner or manager of the property upheld their responsibilities. Whereas, the victims’ Washington, DC slip and fall lawyer will need to show that even the the sign was posted, it was not sufficient to serve as a warning. In general, insufficient warning signs will have been unreadable, too small, or located in an area which makes it difficult to see.

Were You Injured in a Slip and Fall? Was a Warning Sign Present, but Not Visible?

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident and a warning sign was present, a lawyer will need to review the circumstances of the case to determine what legal options might be available. You should not delay in seeking a lawyers’ help. To schedule a consultation with an experienced slip and fall lawyer Washington, DC victims can rely on, call The Law Firm Of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.