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Because most households have two working parents and likely an individual in house to aid with the daily routine of the children, depending on the age of the children.  Countless people take the kids to daycare on daily basis to give them the opportunity aid in growing and shaping and molding young minds.  While making the decision to send your child to daycare may be the easy decision, the journey has just begun.  Researching child care facilities and placing you child in one that you feel comfortable with is an uphill battle; sometimes there are instances where you are lucky enough to find a center where a friend or family member has sent their child.

Once a center has been located, you must perform due diligence and find out about if there have been an incidents where children have severely hurt or when was the last time an incident occurred.   It is your job to do the necessary research to find out about the what- ifs before there is one.  Despite countless efforts to ensure safety, accidents do happen.  Immediately following any incident involving your child, obtaining copy the incident provided will be imperative as it is the only documents that spells out what happened.

There are a couple of possible legal aspects to be explored in the event your child is injured.  The various scenarios are as follows:

Negligence is a breach of the child care facility’s duty to the children which causes injury may result in the facility being held accountable.

Negligence per se is inherently negligent because a law was broken in some manner.  In the event, a day care center is in violation of a statute requiring a certain ratio of staff members to children may be liable for any injuries that result as a consequence of violating that law.

If you or someone you know may have been involved in an injury situation with a child at a daycare facility, you should contact a skilled attorney, like a personal injury attorney Atlanta GA trusts, in your area.  An attorney with experience in personal injury will be able to analyze the factors of your case and determine what path will be best for you. An attorney would be the best person to aid in sorting things out. Someone else’s carelessness should not be your burden to bear alone, and your attorney can help ensure that you make back every dime you spent in order to recover from the injuries you sustained.

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