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5 Social Media Guidelines When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Social media has become part of our cultural fabric. Many use these platforms daily. For some, it is their primary form of communication with friends and family. There are good reasons for being cautious with online networking sites when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Here are five recommendations for safe online behavior when engaging in litigation.

1. Use Privacy Settings

Nothing you post is ever truly private. You should still take steps to limit who can see what you share. For instance, Facebook allows you to exclude the public and specific individuals from viewing particular entries. Make every post available only to Friends. You can also change settings to prevent anyone from looking up your contact information. Not sharing your email address or phone number at all is an even better option.

2. Use Restraint

You might be tempted to share details about your accident, especially immediately after it occurs. Refrain from doing so, as anything you divulge could work against you. An adjuster has the power to use what you say as a reason for denying your claim or offering a lower settlement.

3. Use Discretion

Even postings unrelated to your accident can harm your case. Imagine sharing a picture of yourself hiking or exercising after you’ve been hurt. Defensive legal counsel can wave around that image to discount your injury. There is no obligation to divulge every detail of your life online. The only way to be truly certain that your social media accounts do not cause trouble is by refraining from engaging with them altogether.

4. Use Warnings

It might not seem fair, but even the words of others have the potential to cause trouble. Say a relative suggests online that the accident was partially your fault. The discovery of a comment like that would definitely be used against you in court. Instruct friends and family to refrain from mentioning you until your legal situation has been resolved. Change Facebook settings so that others cannot unilaterally share items on your timeline or make comments.

5. Use Experts

Depending upon your situation, you may be unable to completely unplug. Perhaps you are a social media influencer or own a company that needs online activity to stoke public interest. Personal injury lawyers from reputable legal firms such as Yearin Law Office are able to advise regarding what could prove troublesome. Have everything approved by a legal expert before going public.

Social media can be dangerous if a lawsuit is forthcoming. Exercise caution when taking to these platforms. Better yet, consult an expert prior to putting yourself out there.

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