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Wrong-Way Crashes and FatalitiesHighways and roadways can be fraught with so many incidents caused by distracted drivers, drivers under the influence, and reckless speedsters. These factors can lead to terrible accidents and the loss of innocent lives. One type of crash that appears to be on the rise is wrong-way crashes. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) estimates around 300 fatalities a year occur because of wrong-way crashes.  

If you or a loved one has been an innocent victim of a wrong-way crash, seek the assistance and legal representation of a car accident lawyer. The loss of a loved one under these circumstances is tragic and preventable. Legal compensation may be available to you. At the Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we have been advocating for victims and their families for 25 years and are available to assist you.


Media all over the country are filled with details of horrific wrong-way crashes. The offending drivers pose a huge safety risk on the roads and the fallout from the crashes can be catastrophic. Head-on collisions are the usual outcome, ending with fatalities and serious injuries.

Recent studies have found that out of 100 wrong-way crashes, more than 60 percent result in injury or fatality compared to 45 percent out of 100 for all other types of crashes. This is a strong indicator that wrong-way crashes tend to be more severe and have a greater chance of death or serious injury than most other crash types.

Common Factors

Several factors may play a role in contributing to a wrong-way crash. Although occurring in different proportions, they may involve drivers of a certain age group. Drivers between the ages of 16 through 34 are typically the highest offenders, as were male drivers.

Researchers have looked at other factors such as language comprehension, confusing or obscure signage, but the overriding cause is driver impairment. Whether it be drug- or alcohol-fueled, drivers who are impaired put their fellow motorists at risk. In fact, 60 percent of wrong-way crashes are attributed to driver impairment.

There also appears to be a pattern regarding the time of wrong-way crashes. They are five times more likely to occur in the early morning hours. This timing coincides with bars and clubs closing in many areas.

A motorist entering a highway the wrong-way on an exit ramp is one of the leading causes of wrong-way crashes. Motorists inadvertently taking one-way streets, left side exit ramps, and U-turns are all factors that contribute to serious accidents.

Federal authorities and states are continuing to assess what measures can be taken to prevent wrong-way crashes. Some ideas are:

  •                     Improving traditional signing and pavement marking techniques
  •                     Innovative signage and pavement marking techniques
  •                     Design modifications such as changes to ramps, medians or islands
  •                     Intelligent transportation system applications
  •                     Developments in navigation system alerts for drivers

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