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If you were involved in a Maryland car accident that was another driver’s fault, you may be entitled to compensation. However, before you can collect any of that compensation, you may have to jump through a number of hoops. For example, the other driver’s insurance company will likely want to talk to you about your case. What you say during that conversation can affect your settlement. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t say to an insurance adjuster after an accident:

Avoid Saying Anything Right After the Accident

If the insurance company requests to speak to you immediately after the Maryland car accident, you should tell them to give you a few days. You’re likely feeling very emotional after such a traumatic event and need some time to relax and think about things before you talk to any insurance adjusters.

Don’t Share Your Opinion

While you may have your own personal views about the car accident, you should avoid sharing them with the insurance adjuster. It’s best to just stick to the facts of the accident. If you go beyond that, it could end up hurting your case.

Never Say I’m Sorry

Under no circumstances should you ever apologize when talking to an insurance adjuster. Even if you say something as simple as, “I’m sorry this accident happened this way,” it could be viewed as an admission of guilt.

Don’t Say You Aren’t Hurt

Some car accident injuries, like whiplash, can take days to manifest. Just because you feel fine immediately after the accident, doesn’t mean you will feel the same way days later. That’s why you should avoid telling the insurance adjuster that you don’t feel hurt. If the insurance adjuster believes that you aren’t injured, he or she could use that to deny you compensation.

Never Agree to a Settlement

The insurance company will likely try to settle your claim as quickly as possible, so don’t be surprised if the insurance adjuster offers you a settlement during your first conversation. However, the initial settlement offer is rarely a favorable one. Insurance companies are there to make money and will try to offer the lowest settlements they can get away with.

While you may be tempted to get the case over with as fast as possible, you should resist the urge to accept the insurance adjuster’s first offer. Wait until you speak to a skilled Maryland car accident lawyer before you agree to any settlement. A car accident lawyer may review the unique factors of your case and determine if a settlement is fair or not.

If you follow these tips, you can avoid saying something to the insurance company that could damage your case. If you ever aren’t sure what to say to an insurance adjuster, contact an experienced Maryland car accident attorney. He or she has dealt with insurance companies in the past and knows how to handle them. Schedule a meeting with a car accident lawyer MD residents recommend today to discuss your case.


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