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Swedish automaker Volvo says that by 2020, there will be no serious injuries or fatalities involving their cars or SUVs. The idea is to use autonomous technology to make conventional driving safer, but the company did not rule out deaths or serious injuries related to reckless actions taken by a driver. In addition to autonomous technology, the company will outfit its vehicles with better airbags and interior restraints.

Currently, Volvo offers a feature called adaptive cruise control. It allows drivers to choose their own speed, but radar technology allows the car to keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. It can also apply the brakes for a driver if it senses that a crash may be imminent. This may avoid an accident or reduce the impact speed if a collision does take place.

Lane assist technology can help keep drivers from drifting out of their lanes if they become tired or distracted. Cameras can also be used to alert drivers to changing speed limits or other road hazards. For instance, if a pedestrian or large animal is in the vicinity of the vehicle, the car can reduce its speed to avoid a serious collision. Such a feature would save both the driver and the person or animal in the vehicle’s path.

While technological advances have been instrumental in avoiding many motor vehicle accidents, collisions will continue to take place, and injured victims will often face significant financial challenges as a result of medical bills and lost wages. If an accident is due to the negligence of another driver, a personal injury attorney can be of assistance in seeking compensation for those and other losses.

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