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Being involved in a car accident can cause a variety of problems, from mounting medical bills to determining fault, but these issues can be even more confusing when a Lyft vehicle is involved. While the company does carry some insurance, the details of the accident and the status of the driver can affect whether you might be offered compensation. If Lyft refuses to pay your medical bills and you believe the driver was at fault, there are several steps you can take to file a lawsuit and attempt to recoup your losses.

  1. Speak To an Attorney 

Reaching out to a lawyer may help you understand all your options for filing a lawsuit and whether you are in a position to sue. Lyft considers its drivers not as employees but as independent contractors or freelancers. When accidents happen, the company may try to put the responsibility on the driver. Working with an attorney can help you understand the company’s regulations and who needs to be named in your upcoming lawsuit.

  1. Gather Witnesses 

Witness testimony can be an important part of your lawsuit against Lyft. If your car was struck by a Lyft vehicle, your passengers and bystanders may all be able to offer testimony that supports your case. Depending on your jurisdiction, witnesses can either offer their testimony in writing or may have to appear in court to recount what they saw.

  1. Submit Information 

Once you have all the pertinent information gathered from witnesses and those you want to name in your Lyft lawsuit, you can then submit it to your lawyer so he or she can start building your case. Include license numbers, driver insurance information and any photos you might have taken at the scene. If you have medical reports related to your injuries, you can turn copies of those over as well so your lawyer can gauge the worth of your case.

  1. Review Terms and Offers 

Depending on your evidence and other circumstances, Lyft may either offer you a settlement or agree to a court case. If you enter arbitration, then it is wise to have your lawyer present for assistance and to ensure the amount offered is fair. If the case goes to court, consider allowing your attorney to represent you and your interests for the best possible outcome.




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