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Anyone who has had major health problems understands the financial stress that follows. While your top priority is to overcome your physical or mental challenges, the medical treatment can bring hefty bills. The same thing can happen following a car accident. If you suffered an injury in a car crash, you may be worried about how you will take care of your medical costs. Even with help from your insurance providers, the financial toll can still be crippling. Thankfully, a personal injury attorney can help.

When To Seek Legal Action

Even if you shy away from legal matters, there are times when hiring a lawyer is the right thing to do. When your injuries are severe and life-altering, you need an advocate who can get you the compensation you deserve. Filing a lawsuit might be appropriate if your injuries prevent you from earning a living or enjoying daily activities. You should also consider hiring legal help when the insurance companies are becoming difficult to work with.

What Your Lawsuit May Cover

In a car accident lawsuit, you will probably seek damages for all the injuries you suffered in the collision. Your attorney will help you get payments for medical treatments, hospital stays, doctor’s office visits, medication and rehabilitation. You can even get compensation for the miles you traveled to these appointments. The damages should also cover paychecks you missed at work as well as future pay due to your inability to return to work.

How You Cover the Bills

A victory in your personal injury lawsuit will usually pay your medical costs directly. If you have already paid money out of pocket for any of these bills, your cash award will reimburse you.

How Much Will You Get?

Every personal injury case is different, so it’s difficult to put an exact figure on how much money you will receive if you win. The court will consider various factors, including the severity of your injuries and how they are impacting your daily life. The judge will account for whether the injuries have affected your mental and psychological state or caused pain and suffering. The other party’s actions may also play a role in how much you receive from the settlement. You are likely to receive more if the other driver displayed gross negligence.

As you start to build your personal injury case, think about these factors. A competent car accident lawyer, such as from Barry P. Goldberg, will give you professional guidance.

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