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Motorists in Washington, D.C., may be interested in a recent report about several types of delayed symptoms people may experience following an auto accident. While some people might experience severe injuries immediately after the accident, others may suffer physical troubles that might not show up until days or weeks later.

For example, a car crash victim who experiences a personality change or a change in a bodily function may be suffering with a traumatic brain injury from a concussion. Therefore, it is crucial that prompt medical attention is sought. Other signs a person has a brain injury include depression, impaired memory or thinking, as well as hearing and vision difficulties.

Another typical delayed symptom injury is whiplash. Car accident victims who incur whiplash injuries generally need about six weeks to heal. However, if they have pain past that time, they may need further medical treatment. Moreover, whiplash injuries should be taken seriously, especially since they might indicate the person’s spinal column or neck is damaged. An MRI, multiple CT scans or X-rays could help with the diagnosis and treatment of those suspected of suffering with whiplash-related injuries. Signs of whiplash injuries include numbness in a person’s hands and arms, and stiffness in the person’s shoulder or neck.

Other deferred injury symptoms following a car accident include headaches, back pain and stomach swelling or pain. While headaches may indicate a neck or head injury or a severe concussion, stomach pain could signify internal bleeding. Lower back pain could mean that the person’s vertebra has been injured.

Sometimes those hurt in motor vehicle accidents may not realize the extent of their injuries until time has passed. Such individuals may still be eligible to pursue a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. Plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit typically seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and other applicable damages.

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