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Justice written on a buildingWhen you’re injured in a serious trucking accident, you need to know where to turn for a truck accident lawyer Washington DC drivers trust. The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. is proud to have a team of attorneys serving the Washington DC metro area. We have provided invaluable legal counsel to countless residents and drivers who have sustained injuries in vehicle accidents. We know that truck accidents in particular may involve several unique circumstances that could substantially change how a personal injury claim or lawsuit is handled.

Even though minor vehicle accidents might not warrant a lawsuit, it’s still helpful to know that a local truck accident lawyer Washington DC has to offer could potentially provide counsel for smaller claims. In fact, a seasoned truck accident lawyer in Washington DC would likely explain that even complex truck accident cases are often settled through informal mediation or arbitration proceedings, rather than litigation.

There are many different reasons why an injured victim might be seeking legal counsel from a truck accident lawyer Washington DC can provide. Personal injury claims and lawsuits can serve a very useful purpose for those who have been injured in vehicle accidents.

Paying for medical bills is one of the more important parts of a personal injury claim. Even when an injury does not seem to be life-threatening or disabling, it might still require substantial medical care. Accidents involving large commercial trucks are likely to cause some injuries, especially for drivers and passengers in other vehicles that are smaller. The cost of an emergency room visit — even for a single night — can leave the injured person with thousands of dollars in medical bills. To make matters worse, a severe injury might also require the patient to take time away from work, which can sometimes result in lost wages.

One reason why so many injured victims choose to hire a Washington DC truck accident lawyer for counsel during a personal injury claim is that it’s not always easy to obtain financial damages. Commercial truck accidents may involve liability disputes if there are several parties involved in the operation of the truck. It is sometimes in the best interest of the injured victim to pursue a settlement from the truck company or truck manufacturer, rather than from the truck driver. Determining which parties may be liable is an important task that skilled personal injury lawyers may help with.

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If you believe that your injuries warrant a personal injury claim, the legal team at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. is here to discuss your case with you. We offer complimentary case evaluations with prospective clients, in order to discuss the details of each case and determine which legal actions may produce the best results.

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