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Expert Witnesses

There is no requirement to obtain expert witnesses to testify in a truck accident case. Nevertheless, an attorney will often incorporate expert testimony into his or her strategy for your case. The opinion of someone with relevant specialized knowledge can be invaluable. Expert witnesses help to support your claims and demonstrate to the court why you deserve the damages you are seeking.

Every accident is different, which means that the exact same expert witnesses may not testify in every case. However, there are different kinds of experts who are often called upon to testify in truck accident cases because the information they have to offer has proven helpful in the past.

Medical Experts

Medical experts may include specialists in a particular field of medicine that relates to your injuries. Examples include psychiatrists or psychologists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and more. The specialist may have been involved in your care, or your attorney may ask him or her to evaluate the information from your record as a neutral observer.

Additionally, your own primary care provider can testify as an expert witness. Not only does his or her education and experience in the field qualify, but he or she has knowledge of your personal medical history from before the accident, putting him or her in a position to attest to its effects.

Engineers and Contractors

An accident may occur due to a defect in the construction of the road itself, perhaps one that was not built up to standards. An engineer may be able to explain to the court the cause-and-effect relationship between the defect and your accident.

As a result of the accident, you may have to use mobility aids to get around. Your home may require renovations in order to accommodate you. A building contractor can provide the court with an accurate idea of what such accommodations will cost.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Expert testimony from an accident reconstructionist can be extremely valuable in demonstrating fault for the accident. It involves an analysis of the evidence from the accident and putting it together to illustrate an objective picture of what happened for the benefit of the court.


Projecting the future value of lost wages, the cost of medical expenses, and other lifestyle changes because of the accident can be tricky. An economist can calculate these values and make the necessary projections for you.

A team of experts with relevant knowledge could make all the difference in your case. Talk to a truck accident attorney.


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