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A large number of truck accidents in the District of Columbia occur because the drivers were driving at an unsafe speed for the conditions. Driving too fast for conditions may occur when drivers fail to slow down when the roads are wet or snow packed. It also can happen when a driver fails to slow before entering a curve or taking an exit or entrance ramp.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers should reduce their speed by a third when driving on wet pavement and by half when driving on snow-packed roads. They should also take into account that posted speed limits for curves are meant for passenger vehicles. Trucks should thus take curves at a slower speed to prevent skidding and rollover accidents. Similarly, they should also enter exit and entrance ramps at slower speeds. A majority of rollover accidents occur on ramps due to speed that is excessive for the sharp curves.

Another major problem occurs when truck drivers fail to slow down when approaching construction zones. Almost 25 percent of construction zone accidents are caused by truck drivers not observing the lower speed limits.

When truck drivers fail to slow down when traveling on dangerous roads, they run the risk of causing accidents that can result in catastrophic injuries, both to themselves and to other motorists. When a truck driver negligently travels at a speed that is too fast for the road’s conditions, resulting in an injury accident, the injured victims may find it advisable to file personal injury lawsuits against both the driver and the driver’s employer that would seek compensation for their losses. People injured in large-truck accidents may want to schedule consultations with attorneys to discuss their available options.

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