Truck Accident Attorney DC

Capitol BuildingIf you’ve been the victim of a commercial truck collision, you might be searching for a top truck accident lawyer DC has to offer. Many trucking accidents have devastating results for the drivers and passengers of other vehicles who were involved in the crash. While not all truck accidents result in substantial property damage and bodily injuries, many other accidents do result in this.

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Injuries Can Be Very Severe

It’s possible for the passengers of other vehicles to sustain very serious injuries during a collision with a large commercial truck. The sheer size and weight of a commercial truck can cause much more damage to other passenger vehicles than what another passenger car might cause.

Injured victims might immediately know that they’ll contact an experienced truck accident lawyer DC can provide when they suffer severe injuries such as spinal or brain injuries. However, these aren’t the only types of injuries that might qualify for a personal injury claim — and it’s also important to remember that not all injuries appear immediately after a crash. Broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and even nerve damage in the skin could be severe enough to warrant an injury claim.

In addition to medical bills for the treatment of these injuries, accident victims might also encounter financial troubles if they have to take time off from work or if they end up with an injury that leaves them partially or fully disabled. A skilled DC truck accident lawyer would likely take into consideration these factors and other long-term factors when requesting a financial settlement for the victim.

Liability May Be An Issue

One unique problem in truck accidents that rarely appears in other types of vehicle accidents is the issue of liability. There are often several parties involved in the operating of a commercial truck: the driver, the owner of the truck, and the company that leased the truck are just three parties that might be held liable. If the accident was caused by a faulty part, a truck accident lawyer in DC might also seek damages from the mechanic responsible for the malfunction or the manufacturing company that produced the part.

Liability can become particularly complex when several parties could be held responsible and every party dedicates its efforts to push liability onto another group. Liability disputes can tie up the financial damages that the injured victim is rightfully owed. This type of situation may be particularly common in truck accidents that involve life-threatening and debilitating injuries, or even wrongful death.

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