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Just a few months ago, Maryland officials announced that traffic deaths in our state had reached a 66-year low. The last time the rate was this low was 1948, the Insurance Journal explains. The reason for the improvement, Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn explains, is a combination of tougher laws, increased enforcement on Maryland’s roadways, and medical improvements, among other things.

But despite a decrease in the number of traffic deaths in our state, the Insurance Journal points out that Maryland’s roads are still a very dangerous place. Despite laws that prohibit many reckless behaviors, vehicle collisions continue to be a major problem for Marylanders, including those living here in Washington D.C. The foremost cause of many of these accidents, some believe, is distracted driving.

The more technology advances, the more of a problem distracted driving becomes not just here in our state but across the nation. From cellphones to in-dash navigation systems, quick and easy access to technological devices has created a generation of drivers who falsely believe that they can easily multitask behind the wheel. In truth though, they are actually creating a very dangerous environment where accidents, injuries and even death are possible.

At our law firm, we not only understand the dangers of distracted driving, we also know the painful scar it can leave when it results in a serious or fatal accident. We know that it continues to be a problem in our state, which is why we continue to offer help to those who have been affected by someone else’s negligent decision to drive while distracted.

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