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Car accidents come in many forms, and making a determination of fault can get complicated. In many cases, the responding police officer can tell from the evidence whose fault the accident was, but not every case is as black and white as those situations. If you’re worried about receiving compensation, you’ll need clear proof your injuries were caused by the accident, which was caused by the other driver. If you’re partially at fault, there’s no need to worry yet, as there’s a possibility you could still receive a portion of compensation.

How Someone Could Be Partially at Fault

You may be wondering how someone could be partially at fault. It’s either one person’s fault or another’s, right? Unfortunately, many accidents aren’t that clear. For example, if you were rear-ended one night after the sun had gone down, you may feel it’s obvious it was the other driver’s fault. Upon further investigation, it may be found that your tail lights were out, so the other driver couldn’t see you very well. In such a case, you could both have partial fault.

Another example would include someone running a stop sign at a four-way stop. If that person hit you, it may seem as though it was his or her fault. If you also ran the stop sign going the other way, however, it could end up being a partial fault case for each of you.

The Consequences of Partial Fault

The consequences associated with accidents that have partial fault with both parties are also unique to each situation. In one case, it could be determined that you were 30% at fault, and the other driver carried 70% of the fault. Another case could be a 50/50 split. If you are determined to be part of the problem, one consequence could be receiving only a portion of the insurance payout. Another consequence could be a fine from the court, or possibly some jail time.

How to Determine Your Situation

In many cases, the responding police officer will make the determination of fault at the scene of the accident. In other cases, it will take some investigating, after which the court will decide who was at fault.

Receiving Legal Assistance

If you are in an accident and worry you’ll be found partially at fault, it could benefit you to get legal assistance. Contact a car accident lawyer, to learn more about fault, how it is determined, and what you can do to receive as much compensation as possible.




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