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There are many criminal defense attorneys who are clamoring for new clients. The sheer number of available options can make selection overwhelming, especially with limited legal experience. Although, there are several characteristics and attributes that every lawyer or law firm should have. As a potential future client, concern yourself with locating an attorney that has the following five attributes.

  1. Experience

Experience is more than the years worked in a courtroom. You need to find an attorney who understands your charges and your case. Do not consider attorneys who specialize in white-collar crime if you are being charged with felonious assault. Every attorney you consider should have specific knowledge of your charges. While all lawyers might be familiar with criminal law, not all of them are equipped to practice it.

  1. A Team

A lawyer is often only as good as their team. Paralegals, research assistants and private investigators all play an integral role in crafting your defense. While a lawyer alone may argue a case solo, the best usually have a qualified team crafting the basis for arguments. Therefore, working with a law firm as opposed to a lone attorney likely benefits you more.

  1. References

You would never think of hiring a contractor to work on your home without reviewing their references, would you? Then, why would you for an attorney, someone who holds your future in their hands? Always check references and even success rates for lawyers you are considering. Also, look into any negative reviews or complaints.

  1. Confidence

Every criminal defense lawyer needs the confidence to do their job, but there is a difference between confidence and ego. Confidence is self-assurance and often reassuring for the clients. However, ego is dangerous and borderline reckless. A lawyer should never guarantee victory because they can’t know a case’s outcome. Criminal trials depend on evidence and jury conviction, not a lawyer’s braggadocios behavior.

  1. Communication Skills

When interviewing potential attorneys, pay attention to their communication skills. Are they explaining their strategy in terms you understand? Are they making a point of including you in the discussion? While you are not hiring a friend, you do need someone you understand and someone who is attempting to understand you.

Looking for a criminal defense attorney is difficult, especially with all the choices. However, by limiting your search to those law firms and attorneys who possess each of the above attributes, you will be able to narrow down the options. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, CA and discuss your case.

Thanks to the Morales Law Firm for their insight into criminal law and things a criminal defense attorney should have.

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