3 Reasons To Hire an Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer DCFor individuals facing a serious criminal charge, many people will say that it is essential to contact a criminal defense lawyer DC trusts. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, we have helped people in the past who initially weren’t sure whether a criminal defense lawyer could provide valuable assistance.

Each individual’s case is different and there is never any guarantee that working with a lawyer will help you win your case. Nevertheless, a good criminal defense lawyer can be invaluable to anyone who is facing a criminal charge. Here are three reasons why defendants hire a criminal defense attorney:

1. A good lawyer will know when negotiations won’t work and when it’s time to start preparing for a trial.

No one can call themselves the “best” criminal defense lawyer DC can provide. No honest lawyer can say that he or she can guarantee a winning case for each and every client. But at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, we thrive on pursuing the highest level of excellence, and this effort is reflected in our case success rate.

A good DC criminal defense lawyer will know that some cases require court trials while other cases can be handled outside of the courtroom. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, our legal team understands that it’s not always wise to seek a court trial immediately if a reasonable settlement is possible through negotiation.

However, if your negotiation discussions fail to reach a reasonable outcome, an individual facing a criminal charge may have to prepare for a trial. If this is the case, a criminal defense lawyer DC trusts will be invaluable. A good lawyer will be able to help clients prepare adequately for court cases and will assist in processes such as collection of evidence and calling witnesses to testify.

2. Criminal defense lawyers possess extensive knowledge of complicated laws.

Our legal system is very complex. To craft a solid defense against a criminal charge that will be acceptable in a court of law can be an uphill battle.

A good criminal defense lawyer will have a strong understanding of complex laws and processes, no matter how complicated these may be. Working with a criminal defense lawyer DC residents rely on may be a beneficial tool for anyone facing a serious criminal charge.

3. Well-equipped legal teams can offer more than basic legal counsel; they can offer emotional and mental support.

When an individual is facing a serious criminal charge, he or she may be under a great deal of pressure. For many defendants in these cases, psychological effects of being charged with a crime may be impossible to ignore.

A well-known criminal defense lawyer in DC may have connections to other individuals in the DC area who can help clients deal with the psychological toll of criminal cases.

A good legal team will also be able to provide some sense of stability for the client they are defending — and this, in turn, may help the client deal with some of the emotional stress of the case. Simply knowing that another person is handling the legwork — from the overarching defense, right down to the nitty-gritty details — may provide an immense relief for a defendant.

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