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Motorists in the District of Columbia may be interested to learn about a new study that demonstrates Uber use has resulted in a decrease in DUI fatalities. Taxi companies, by contrast, do not show a similar drop in areas where they are available.

Researchers at Temple University reviewed data from California spanning the years of 2009 through 2014. They found that when Uber became available in different cities, the corresponding DUI fatality rate for that city dropped from between 3.6 and 5.6 percent. In markets in which private taxi companies have successfully lobbied to keep Uber out, the researchers found no significant change in DUI rates with taxi availability.

It is theorized that taxis may not be linked to a drop in DUI fatalities due to the long waits that are often involved for them. People who have been out drinking may get tired of waiting and then proceed to drive while impaired. With greater availability, affordability and faster response times, Uber helps with cutting down on those who would otherwise drive drunk. The researchers recommend that bars think about getting agreements in place with Uber to provide rides to intoxicated patrons in addition to agreements with taxi companies.

Preventing an accident caused by a drunk driver is very important, as many people are seriously injured or killed each year due to the problem. Those who are injured often face high medical expenses, and their financial condition suffers a further blow when they lose wages due to an inability to return to work. People who have had this happen to them may want to consult with a personal injury attorney to determine the methods for seeking compensation that may be available.

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