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Personal injuries happen often and many times are just accidents, but sometimes an injury happens that should not have happened due to the negligence of another person. If this happens to you, you may find yourself confused about what to do next. Here are five things that most personal injury lawyer would not do. Review this list and make sure not to make these common mistakes! 


  • Assume that because something is an accident, that it would not qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Just because something is an accident, does not mean that it will not qualify as a personal injury lawsuit–in fact most cases are accidents. But the purpose of personal injury law is to protect the people, who at no fault of their own, are faced with unplanned costs and sometimes physical challenges. There is not an exhaustive list of accidents covered under personal injury law, but a common one is motor vehicle accidents, such as car, truck, motorcycle or even pedestrian collisions. Other common accidents include those resulting from a defective product, medical malpractice or slip and fall incidents. Workplace accidents can also be considered under personal injury law. 

  • Assume that only medical bills will be covered by personal injury law. Medical bills often come to mind with personal injury law, possibly because they are straightforward and fairly easy to calculate. But in reality, there are many other types of expenses that can be covered for the injured party. Other expenses can include future or unforeseen medical expenses as a result of the accident, lost wages, property damage, and rehabilitation or physical therapy costs. There are hard to quantify costs that can also be included, such as the cost of mental and emotional distress or the cost of pain and suffering. 

  • Assume that because I am an honest person, the judge will believe me. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Each case requires the burden of proof. As such, if you find yourself in an accident that could qualify for a personal injury suit, try your best to keep track of the evidence. Evidence can include the name and number of any witnesses present or photos you took at the scene. Other useful items to get or keep include medical bills, the accident report if police were called and the time you took off of work due to the accident. 


  1. Assume that because the insurance company requested a recorded statement, that I have to comply. Sometimes insurance companies will request a recorded statement, but do not be fooled. This is usually not just for their personal records, but will be picked apart by their team of lawyers to try to discount your story. It is usually best to politely decline until you consult your own personal injury lawyer. 


  • Assume that I will save money by settling without consulting a personal injury lawyer. Sometimes the other person’s insurance company will offer a settlement, which can be tempting to take and may even seem like a large sum of money, but it is usually best to hire a personal injury lawyer. Sometimes the initial settlement offered will not cover all the expenses of the accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you gauge what a reasonable settlement could look like in your case. 


If you find yourself in need of legal representation for a personal injury lawsuit, contact Disparti Law Group for a consultation today!



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