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Prescription Opioid Overdose In America

Personal Injury Lawyer

The issue of drug overdose has become one of the most pervasive problems that exists across a wide range of age groups in society. Among heavy drug users it is becoming more and more likely that they will overdose. An experienced personal injury lawyer from The Lynch Law Group explains this is due to the increased availability of drugs and the ease with which they can be obtained.

Overdosing from opioid prescription drugs is a reality that, more and more often, families are being forced to deal with. This is because the conversation about illegal drugs fills discussion groups, but drug overdoses involving illegal drugs are becoming more and more prevalent as well. Painkillers are a class of prescription drugs Americans are taking at an increasing rate at the moment.

Prescription Painkiller Overdose

An opioid-based analgesic is generally referred to as a painkiller. Vicodin, Oxycodone, Morphine, and OxyContin are some of the most common names for these opioids. Americans have been taking opioid painkillers for many years and the chance of addiction, misuse, diversion, and accidental overdose is on the rise as a result. Since 1999, the mortality rates for drug overdoses in the United States have risen 68%. This has affected a large number of communities throughout the country as a result of drug overdoses becoming a dark cloud.

Personal Injury & Overdose

During the last few decades, the issue of drug overdosing has become an increasingly prevalent enigma in the field of personal injury. It is common for addicts to become addicted to narcotics as a result of abusing them. It is for this reason that physicians are required to stratify risks for each patient when prescribing narcotics to them.

Addiction Disorders

Drug overdose is often the result of a patient developing an addiction disorder. Prescription opioid abuse occurs when a patient takes the narcotic in a way that is different from what the doctor prescribed. It is well known that millions of people are using prescription medications to gain the sensations that are traditionally associated with illegal drugs, such as Heroin. Among the possibilities are: 

  • If you take a medication that has been prescribed for someone else but you are taking it for yourself.
  • Taking a higher dose than what has been prescribed to you.
  • In situations where the medication is being taken in a different way than prescribed (crushing, snorting or injecting the medication).
  • Using the medicine for another purpose, such as getting euphoric (high), is one way to abuse this medicine.  

Legal assistance is available!

No matter what the circumstances, it is always heartbreaking when a loved one passes away. But if someone has recently passed away because of negligence on the part of a caregiver or medical professional, the caretaker or medical professional might have either overprescribed or negligently left medication available. The most effective thing you can do for determining if you have a claim to seek compensation for the loss or death of a loved one is to speak to someone who can assist you in determining whether you have a claim. The loss of a loved one or a friend is a tragedy that can never be replaced. This is why it is only right that you seek the assistance of an attorney. This is because they will assist you in bringing attention to any party responsible for the death, and also to assist you in gaining closure as well.


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