18 Wheeler Accident Law Firm Maryland 18 Wheeler Accident Law Firm Maryland

If you have been in an accident with a truck, you may want to contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer Maryland residents rely on like The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. You probably share the roads with dozens of big rigs or tractor-trailers every day during your commute and may not give much thought to them unless you see one involved in an accident. When these incidents happen, you might wonder about the cause, whether most truck drivers are well-qualified for their jobs, and how safe you truly are when truck drivers do not have enough training. Contact our truck accident lawyer MD drivers trust if you were in an accident.

What causes these accidents?

  1. A Lack of Experienced Drivers 

The Washington Post reported that in 2018, a shortage of truck drivers resulted in a need for over 50,000 more drivers to ship goods across long distances. Big-box companies are currently in the greatest need; however, the lack of qualified drivers may continue due to the difficult nature of the job and the isolation it presents. As older and more experienced truckers retire, there may not be enough young career drivers to take their place and create more dangerous roadway situations. Our Maryland 18 wheeler accident law firm knows that inexperienced drivers are more likely to cause accidents. 

  1. Delivery Pressure 

There is often immense pressure on truck drivers to get their loads delivered on time or within a certain time frame if they want to earn bonuses or advance in their careers. This often results in bending or breaking national trucking rules which state each driver must rest after a certain amount of time on the road. When companies allow their drivers to alter these rules, our Maryland 18 wheeler accident law firm knows that accidents may be more likely to occur and cause serious injuries or fatalities.

  1. Training Issues 

Some truck driving schools are well known for getting their graduates out on the road in less than a few months. However, when schools cut corners, you may be at greater risk when you share the road with inexperienced drivers. While some laws are in place that require would-be drivers to pass certain tests, they may not be exposed to specific situations that might occur when hauling loads.

  1. Log Manipulation 

Electronic device logs help big rig drivers track their hours on the road, their loads, and miles traveled. EDLs are designed to assist drivers and companies comply with state and federal laws but these logs can also be manipulated and changed so drivers can drive extra hours and meet stricter time constraints. This practice is illegal and may put you and other motorists in danger. If you believe this caused your accident, speak with an attorney from our 18 wheeler accident law firm in MD now.

While many truck drivers obey the rules of the road and perform their jobs with caution, others may cause accidents due to inexperience, exhaustion, or pressure to meet delivery deadlines. Speak to an attorney from an 18 wheeler accident law firm Maryland offers like The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. today for further information or to schedule an initial consultation.