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Workers’ Comp for Construction Accidents - Injured Man Filling Insurance Claim Form

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

It is important for anyone who has been injured or made ill while working construction to explore their legal options as soon as they can. Depending on the circumstances leading up to a particular worker’s injuries and/or illness, they may be entitled to significant compensation. It is especially important to act quickly in the wake of a work-related injury. The law limits the amount of time that any injury victim may file a legal claim. 

However, some work-related claims are among the most time-sensitive matters filed within the legal system. Oftentimes, if injured or ill workers do not take specific actions within 30 days of their injuries, they may be barred from seeking compensation.

Although there are some exceptions made for illnesses and/or injuries that develop over time (or that the worker is unaware has been caused by their working conditions), in the event of a construction accident, the legal clock starts to tick right away. 

Unless your accident caused you to become ill long after your exposure to substances present at the accident site, you may only have 30 days to act before you’re barred from seeking certain kinds of work-related compensation. That’s why having an experienced attorney by your side should be one of your top priorities. 

Workers’ Compensation, Insurance Settlements, and Personal Injury Awards

There are three primary kinds of compensation that a survivor of non-fatal construction accident injuries may be entitled to. First, if you were injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle, you may be entitled to an insurance settlement from the company that provides the driver’s policy. Make sure to speak with an experienced attorney before accepting a settlement and, if at all possible, before speaking with any insurance representatives. Allowing a lawyer to speak on your behalf will help to ensure that your settlement is fairly valued and is not paid out in an unnecessarily delayed fashion.

Second, if you are either a full-time or part-time employee (or an independent contractor who should properly be classified as an employee), you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This is true regardless of whether the accident in question was totally or partially your fault, provided that the accident didn’t occur because you were drunk, high, picking a fight, or trying to get hurt on purpose.

Finally, if another party’s negligent, reckless, or intentionally harmful conduct caused your harm (partially or totally), you may have strong grounds upon which to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Note, however, that if you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that you may sue others, but you likely won’t be able to sue your employer directly. The law generally protects the liability of employers whose employees are injured or made ill due to work-related circumstances.

Having Legal Representation is Crucial 

Following an injury from a construction accident while on the job can create significant financial and emotional burdens. No one should have to carry the full weight of these burdens especially when the accident was through no fault of their own. Having a workers’ compensation lawyer can help alleviate these concerns. Our friends at Therman Law Offices, LTD have a team of lawyers that can help. 


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