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Commercial vehicles like semis are an integral part of our nation’s economy because they are able to transport large quantities of goods from one end of the country to the other in a matter of days. Despite this fact though, our increased demand for goods from other areas of the nation has also increased the number of large vehicles on our roadways as well.

Large trucks present a myriad of problems for smaller vehicles because a truck driver’s visibility is decreased due to the size and shape of their vehicle. In many cases, accidents are the direct result of a truck driver not being able to see another vehicle. But while visibility may be a major cause of truck crashes, there are other things that are just as likely to create problems.

Driver fatigue. As you may or may not know, suffering from a lack of sleep can be just as dangerous as intoxication. That’s because fatigue can lessen a person’s reaction time or cause them to fall asleep behind the wheel, which can lead to accidents.

Speeding. Driving too quickly in any vehicle is always a bad idea, but more so in semis because losing control of one of these vehicles can lead to a tip over. As you can imagine, this can be deadly if the truck falls on a smaller vehicle.

Improper maintenance. Failing to properly repair a commercial vehicle can have deadly consequences. That’s because even something as simple as not replacing a worn out tire can lead to a blowout that could cause a serious or fatal accident.

Drunk driving. This goes without saying, but: drinking and driving is a recipe for disaster. Much like fatigue, alcohol dulls the senses, making even the most seasoned driver a danger to the people around them.

Cellphone use. Whether it’s texting and driving or talking on cellphone, using handheld devices while driving is incredibly dangerous because it takes a driver’s eyes away from the road. Even a matter of a few seconds is too long when travelling at freeway speeds because it increases the risk of a collision.

As you may have guessed, all of these things constitute negligence in Washington D.C.. What this means for our readers is that if any of these elements are present in an accident, then victims and their families may be owed compensation, which can be sought through litigation.

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