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Truck Accident Lawyer

Seeing your loved one in pain and anguish after a truck accident can be terribly difficult for family members and close friends to witness. For many victims, a truck accident leads to serious health consequences that may have prompted the need for emergency care. In a collision between a hefty commercial truck and a smaller vehicle, it is frequently the car driver who sustains the most serious of injuries. Think of it this way, is it possible to win against a truck that can weigh more than twenty times the average car? Devastatingly, the chances of a driver walking away unscathed are unlikely. 

While the loved one is receiving medical care and recovering from the truck accident, parents, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, or close friends may wonder what they can do to support the victim during this time. If this is a situation you are currently in, then read on for more insight on how you can be of support at such a crucial time. 

Call The Police

If your cherished person was unable to call 911 themselves because of serious injury at the scene, then call police for them. It is imperative that an official report of the accident is taken by law enforcement. This report will have facts about how the accident occurred, which can be influential for insurance claims and lawsuits. A copy of the police report can be requested in the days following the incident. 

Take Pictures of The Scene

If you were not at the scene but are able to get there in a reasonable time-frame, take pictures of evidence. Examples of evidence to capture include tire marks on the ground, shattered glass, debris, both vehicle damage, the general area/surroundings, visible injuries to the victim, street signs, and anything else that stands out. It’s better to take more pictures and video, than to not have enough to show your loved one’s side of the story. 

Avoid Posting Details On Social Media

It is understandable that loved ones of the victim would want to gather together in support. However, keep in mind that details you share online may be obtained by the opposing party and used against the victim. Even if you marked a post as “friends only”, there may be ways this information can be gathered by parties who don’t have your relative or friend’s best interest at heart.

Truck accidents can cause tragic repercussions for everyone involved, especially the victim and his or her loved ones. To learn more about how to watch out for someone you care about after a recent truck accident, consider calling a lawyer, similar to an Truck Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm today. 


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