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If you have been either temporarily or permanently disabled as a result of a car accident, there are special therapies and programs designed to help. Occupational therapy is one such healthcare modality that helps injured people recover from disabling and catastrophic injuries. You may be surprised to know that if another party was negligent or at-fault for your accident, you could file litigation to secure funding for the occupational therapy necessary for your recovery or ongoing maintenance of your disability, as a personal injury lawyer, can explain.

About Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is used by people of all ages who have been disabled as a result of an auto accident. It is a program designed to provide specialized assistance, helping the injured person learn to adapt to their disability so that they have a better chance of leading an independent and satisfying life. 

This therapy focuses on improving the various aspects of life including self-care, work, and leisure activities. If a careless driver took these opportunities away from you or a loved one, you have the legal right to pursue financial compensation that will cover the cost of occupational therapy.

An occupational therapist can assess the needs of an accident victim and devise a treatment plan with a personalized goal. For accident victims with minor disabilities, this could mean returning to the workforce. 

For those with more severe disabilities, occupational therapy might help the victim regain seemingly simple activities, such as performing personal hygiene and getting dressed alone. Occupational therapy often extends to the victim’s entire family to acclimate them to the new program and ensure that they understand the special needs of their family member.

The Costs of Injury and Disability

Occupational therapy for your disability would be considered part of future medical care expenses of a lawsuit. These costs are supposed and quantified compensation based on the evidence provided by a qualified occupational therapist (OT). 

Many personal injury law firms can secure these professional witnesses to give testimony in your car accident claim. The OT can provide a detailed description of the therapies you will need, a time frame for recovery using those therapies, and an estimated cost. This helps to establish the need for future or ongoing medical care.

If accident-related injuries prevent the victim from ever engaging in work activities or learning to be independent again, an OT can work to adapt the home environment to make life easier both for the car accident victim. This might include adaptations such as:

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Bathroom modifications
  • Widening doorways
  • Installing grab bars
  • Placing electrical outlets and light switches at heights that can be easily reached
  • Lowering countertop heights for sinks and kitchen cabinets
  • Construction of a ground floor bedroom
  • Adding accommodations for home care aides

These types of costs may be added to the occupational therapy portion of your lawsuit. An OT can provide a better understanding of a victim’s situation and also provide documentation as a medical professional. For more details how an OT can help you or a loved one, contact an occupational therapy professional in your local area. 


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