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When it comes to car accident injuries, myths and legends abound. The Law firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. wants to dispel some of the more common myths. Here are five of them from a car accident lawyer in MD.

Myth: The Severity of the Injury Is Directly Related to the Amount of Damage Done to the Automobile; if There Is No Damage to My Vehicle, I Must Be Fine.

Fact: Even if your car sustained little damage, the force of the impact transfers an enormous amount of energy to your body. You can get whiplash from a rear-end collision at as little as five mph. If you’ve been in any kind of car accident, seek medical care.

Myth: If the Other People in the Vehicle Were Not Injured, Then I Could Not Have Been Injured Either.

Not everyone in the vehicle was sitting where you were sitting. Not everyone weighs the same as you, or was sitting exactly how you were sitting. Not everyone was sitting closest to where the impact occurred. A car accident lawyer in MD, would advise you to see a doctor regardless of what did or didn’t happen to the other people in the car.

Myth: The ER Released Me, so I Must Not Have Any Injuries.

Fact: The ER exists to treat serious injuries that are immediately apparent on X-ray or MRI. They’re not trained to look for soft-tissue damage that can result from a car accident. The Lawfirm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. would advise you to see your regular doctor to follow up on any injuries you sustained.

Myth: Bracing for Impact Means You’re More Likely To Sustain an Injury.

Fact: If you see the accident coming and brace appropriately, you have a lower chance of receiving any injuries. For example, if you see that you’re about to be rear-ended, brace your hands flat on the steering wheel, shrug your shoulders, and tilt your head slightly backward. This can minimize the chance of getting whiplash or any head injuries.

Myth: No Immediate Issues? No Problem!

Fact: Some injuries take days or weeks to manifest. Immediately after the accident, you may be experiencing an adrenaline rush or shock, both of which can mask symptoms of injuries. A car accident lawyer in MD, would advise you to go to the emergency room after an accident, no matter how okay you feel at the time of the accident.


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