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A deposition is a critical part of a personal injury case and has to be conducted correctly. If it is poorly executed, it could be the difference between winning and losing the case. Here are some common questions lawyers ask as part of a proper deposition.

  1. Introductory Questioning

The preliminary round of questioning provides descriptive information about the deponent. Typically the lawyer will ask questions regarding:

  • Date of Birth and Full Name for the Record
  • Where You Live
  • Whether You Have Participated in a Deposition

A deponent’s experience with prior depositions will let the lawyer know if they understand the process. It will be alright to inquire deeper if the deponent has had previous experience. There are a few more questions in this beginning stage:

  • The lawyer will ask the deponent if it is alright to explain the ground rules of the deposition.
  • There is a court reporter present to record the entire deposition, so the lawyer will ask you to refrain from responding with gestures.
  • They will also ask if you understand how important it is that you and the lawyer do not speak over each other, for the purpose of the record.
  • You will surely be asked if you are aware that you are under oath and have promised to tell the truth at penalty of perjury.
  1. Questions Regarding the Accident

The secondary round of questioning serves to uncover the deponent’s account of the accident leading to the personal injury. It is important that the lawyer asks
detailed questions about the accident. They may ask about road and weather conditions if the lawsuit is for a car accident personal injury. If the incident was a slip and fall situations, the lawyer may ask if there were signs posted about any hazards.

  1. An Explanation of Damage Claims

This third portion of questioning is used to determine the value of the damages you are claiming from the accident. Some queries in this round may include:

  • What other prior medical issues did you have before this accident?
  • Did injuries directly relating to this accident keep you from working and doing other day-to-day activities?
  • What type of medical care do your injuries require?

Be sure that depositions occur with an experienced court reporter ready to document the entire line of questioning. Call a court reporter for service today.



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