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When financial matters become serious and require legal help, a collections attorney can be a valuable asset. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual struggling to keep up with bills, collection efforts can be an issue. Sometimes, you a third-party representative to protect your interests. An experienced attorney has the knowledge and experience you need to get the outcome you need.

For Businesses

Many companies dedicate a lot of time and resources to their accounts receivable departments. These represent significant costs to your organization. If you have ever been involved in this process, you understand the frustrations you can feel in trying to collect funds from delinquent customers. The same is true if you work with a collections agency. Sometimes, turning to a lawyer is the most effective way of getting the results you need. When an attorney represents a company or a collections agency, he or she will work on developing strategies at getting your money back. This may include making more frequent phone calls, sending emails or letters, or doing a combination of the above. Eventually, the contact may come directly from the attorney’s office. The attorney can also evaluate whether the situation needs to escalate to a lawsuit and court proceedings.

For Individuals

Collections attorneys can also work with the other side too. If a collections agency or company is trying to get you to pay, you may need a lawyer. Consider hiring a collections attorney if the creditor is contacting you frequently at all hours of the day. You may need legal help, too, if the agency is threatening to file a lawsuit or if you can’t pay back the debt right now. Your lawyer will make sure your rights are upheld. An attorney can also work with the collections agency on developing a payment plan or reworking the details of your debt. Also, if you believe that creditors are harassing you or treating your unfairly, you should speak to an attorney right away.

The Benefits

As a consumer, working with a lawyer can help keep you out of legal trouble. You may also find a fair way to settle the debt without putting you in financial ruin. As a business leader, a collections attorney will advise you on how to legally and effectively collect the money that people owe you.

Paying or collecting a debt is not always as clear-cut as you may think. If you are experiencing any challenges, speak to a credit card lawyer today.


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